the “audipocalypse” photoshoot

09 Feb

Last summer, Omaha Fashion Magazine hosted a photoshoot competition.  Creative teams collaborated and created great fashion photo sets with the hopes of being featured in the magazine.   One of the teams that I was a part of was the “audipocalypse” team.

Models: Andy Shaw, Zach Cook, Makayla Torrez, Tom Shirazi, Aaron Steward, Imagine Uhlenbrock, Cameron Helkuik

Together, we created a world very different from the one we live in today.  Our environment was post-apocalyptic, so the styling I did was a mix of heavy utilitarian and tough fashion.  I knew these characters not only lived in this post-apocalyptic world, but also needed to survive it.  I wasn’t about to send them out in that harsh environment in heels and lashes and pretend like they’d survive on their good looks.  We were trying to tell a story, and we were going to do it without any sexified damsels in distress.

Model: Imagine Uhlenbrock

We talked about how fashion would evolve in this particular environment and what it would mean to people who had lost everything.  Would it matter?  Or would their style define their survival?

Model: Makayla Torrez

Then I wonder, are these questions much different from those I should be asking about people in my own reality?  What does fashion mean to us?  What does fashion mean to me?  I’m not talking hemlines or the color of the season or anything like that.  Despite it’s frivolity, fashion has deep meanings for a culture:  attraction, survival, alliance.

Model: Tom Shirazi

With all the conversations and thought about the aesthetic of survival and the meaning behind clothing, it was easy to really connect with this project and the people that I worked alongside.  The team I worked with was a dream team.  Their ideas were bigger than just hair, makeup, clothes.   It didn’t feel like I was joining a photoshoot team; it was more like becoming part of a creative force.  There’s talk of doing a follow-up shoot or some filming, but for now, here’s the shot that was featured in the Omaha Fashion Magazine Fall 2011 issue:

Model: Makayla Torrez, Tom Shirazi, Imagine Uhlenbrock

Photographer: Miguel Cedillo (

Creative Director: Zach Cook

Hair: Sirens at the Loft

Makeup: Amy Burns from Sirens at the Loft

Designer/Stylist: Audio Helkuik


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