“I will never…..”

07 Mar

Anytime I say I’ll never do something, I mean it at the time but eventually it comes back round to me and presents itself as a good idea.

“I’ll never pierce my septum.”   Pierced.  And stretched.

“I’ll never live in Omaha.”   Moved here.  And bought a house here.

“I’ll never get married.”   Totally m-worded.  And loving it.

It shouldn’t be a big surprise that my “I’ll never do bridal wear”  turned into “And what are your colors?”

As a feminist:  I kind of hate weddings.  I think it’s all the traditions that just don’t make sense to me.  The white dress and the giving away of the bride all seem downright offensive.  I’m all about love and commitment–no problem there.   It’s the wedding that bugs me.

As a designer:  I’m still a feminist.  But, several other things keep me from doing bridal:  1) Bridezillas.   2) White’s DEFINITELY not my favorite color to work with.   3) The pressure to create “The Perfect Day.”

When my friend Maria asked me to design her wedding dress, I was pretty against it from the start.  She knew she’d have a small battle to win if she wanted an Audi original wedding dress, so she started hinting early and eased me into the idea.   Her request made me think about all of the reasons I DIDN’T want to do bridal.  From there, I realized I could just create a great dress without getting wrapped up in bridalwear world.

This is how Maria countered all my arguments:

 1) “Bridezillas.”   All she wanted was a cute strapless dress that looked nice next to her fiance’s dress. I gave her a set of sketches, and she chose the dress on the far left.

2) “White’s not my favorite color to work with.”     Maria wanted a silver and purple dress.

3)  The pressure to create “The Perfect Day.”   Maria and her fiance, Amanda, planned a low-key wedding out in the prairie.  It was full of sunshine and love.  You really can’t go wrong with sunshine and love.

I see why people love being in bridal.  While there IS a bit of pressure to helping create the “Perfect Day,” Maria showed me that there’s more to it than that.  It’s about celebration.  It’s about the couple and their future.  It’s about love.  And dangit, I freaking LOVE love.   While I won’t be opening a bridal shop anytime soon, (notice how I did NOT say “I’ll NEVER open a bridal shop”) it was an eye-opening project.   I’m so grateful I got a chance to be part of such a happy day for this couple.

Again, congrats to Maria and Amanda!

The dress was a quite a bit different than my typical projects, but that’s sometimes a good challenge.  It also provided me with a secondary challenge of recreating the dress in a way that DID fit the Audio Helkuik aesthetic a bit more.  I was working on my collection at the time, so this is the dress in a different color scheme and styled with a heavy circus influence.

Clothing and accessories: Audio Helkuik Model: Nicole Keimig Photographer: Wolfgang Kaufman Creative Director: Cherisse McCoy Hair/Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

As for the “I will never….” phenomenon, I’m just trying to watch my phrasing from now on.  I’ve already started my brainstorming on my “I’ll never do lingerie” collection.  And my “I’ll never do evening gowns” collection is going to come eventually, I can feel it.  If you hear me say “I will never….”, call me out on it.   I just want to know what’s headed my way.

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