Current Inspiration, or “my rainbow addiction”

21 Apr

I love rainbows.  I know I wear black/brown/grey/blue most of the time……but, seriously, I looooooove rainbows.  Real-life rainbows in the sky, rainbow ribbons, rainbow jewelry, rainbow shoelaces, rainbow belts, rainbow EVERYTHING.


I wanted to show how my entire fabric stash is organized by color and when they all the color organized tubs are in a row, it’s a GIANT FABRIC RAINBOW!  (The best of all rainbows.)  But, my stash is too large to put them all in a row in my studio….so….use your imagination.   And cue: ” Ooohhhh……pretty……”

I do, however, have several other rainbow-ized items around my studio.  I love to organize things by color.  One, it is easy to find things.  Two, it’s pretty.  Organization + rainbows = happy

Rainbow-ized thread storage shelf.

Rainbow-ized embroidery thread.


Suuuuuuuper sneak peek:  my love of rainbows is heavily influencing my next clothing collection.  It’s going to be full of rainbow-y goodness.


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2 responses to “Current Inspiration, or “my rainbow addiction”

  1. Janet Granger

    04.22.12 at 4:26 am

    Ooh, lovely! The box of threads just makes me want to stitch right now!!


    • audiohelkuik

      04.22.12 at 2:10 pm

      Janet, I know! Every time I get it out, I start picking out new color schemes and ideas. I’m so color oriented.



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