Choosing Faces

06 May

Decision-making is not my strongest skill.  Quick decision-making is DEFINITELY not my strongest skill.  Sometimes my partner picks restaurants for us to dine at based on how short the menu is.  Short menu equals less time waiting for me to decide.  And those ice cream shops with a bazillion flavors? So yummy!  But choosing a flavor takes me forrrrrrr   — evvvv —  vvveerrrrrr.

So, when I say I’m in the midst of choosing a model line-up for my fashion week runway show in August, you should know it is a grueling task for me.  My show is four months away, but I’ve been thinking about it for weeks already.  This decision (like all decisions) will take alot of effort to make.   Even though I’m pretty swamped with costume work right now and could really use all my time on stitching and sketching, I spent an evening at a model call last week.   I invested my precious time in hopes that I would see a face or two that could someday become a face for my brand.   And, you model hopefuls out there will be pleased to hear that I did, in fact, find a few models at the audition that I think would be great!

Clipboards keep me focused. Crazy carpet does not.

I only get to show twelve looks in my fashion week runway show, so the role of each of the twelve models that I choose is super important.  Each face will be given a lot of exposure.  They represent my brand that night, of course, but much longer than that.  The photos and video from that night will represent my clothing for pretty much forever.  Thinking about this makes the decision really tough for me.

Often, I have to balance the loyalty I have with models that I’ve worked with before with the specific needs of my current collection.  I have a core group of local models that I love to work with, but sometimes I am going for a very specific look.  I’m already picky with who is on my model list as far as personality/vibe/look goes, and on top of that I have to make sure my models are up to the standards of the fashion week producers.  I’ll be trying to balancing all these things: loyalty, look, runway standards.   Know that I am agonizing my way through this decision, and we’ll see what I come up with for August.

Two local models that I love to work with: Imagine Uhlenbrock and Nick Watson. They are waiting, waiting, waiting in line to audition.

But, anyone who auditions once and then turns around and immediately auditions again with their “drag queen walk” is a winner to me.

Nick Watson being too fabulous and fast for my slow camera skilllllls at the model call.


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