Layered Life: the Audio Helkuik customer

16 May

When people see my work, quite often the first thing out of their mouths is “But WHO would wear that?!”  My snarky, instinctive response would be “Uh, clearly not you.”  I’ve found that this question in repetition has really showed me that I produce clothing for a niche market. I’ve written pages and pages describing my clothes, but I rarely write out descriptions about the WEARER of my clothes.  I feel like I already know them so well.  They are who I think about before I even pick up a pencil to sketch an outift.

My target market is not the general public.  I will not be delivering my designs to the masses.  I do not hope to be sold in any sort of huge retail arena.  The niche that I cater to is small in size, yet large in their influence.  They are the creative minds riding the undercurrents of change.  They love art, music, poetry, theater.    They like to experience culture first hand.  They want their thoughts, their life, and their closet to be beautiful and unique.

My customers are very mobile, not in the sense that they relocate often, but rather that they can spend the whole day wandering and traveling in their city.  You wouldn’t call them “on-the-go,” because that implies some sort of hurry.  This person is not in a hurry.  They take time to do the things that they love to do.  And they always carry a bag of things to do as they go from place to place so each moment of their day can be filled with something meaningful. They can be found writing in a journal on the steps of an art museum, listening to music on the bus, or reading a book with their coffee in the park.  They fill their world with all of their favorite things.  They fill their wardrobe the same way.

My customers like to make discoveries.  Rather than be spoon-fed their likes and dislikes through mass media, they will sift through everything and collect their favorites. They do not buy into blatant advertisements, but find themselves compelled into treasure hunt mode by intriguing visuals.

This customer is youthful with new ideas.  They dress according to aesthetic, not gender norms.  Layers are important when dressing, because layers require combining things in a new way, which really stretches your creativity muscles.  Layers imply that there is more to learn and more to see.  Layers mean unending combinations and possibilities.  This customer realizes the world is bigger than they’ll ever know, but they will layer their experiences to create the perfect life just for them.

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