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12 Jun

Back in 2010, one of my items made it onto the official regretsy blog.  For those who dont know, regretsy is a blog whose motto is “Where DIY meets WTF” and they post listings of etsy and then everyone trashes them with comments.  It’s usually freakin’ hilarious, I’ll admit.  Occasionally, I actually like what’s on the blog (I’m also guilty of loving things from “The 10 Worst Red Carpet Looks” lists and having most the outfits from everyone’s “Fashion Don’ts” lists).

While I enjoy the blog, I had mixed feelings about being featured. First thought: COOL! I’M ON REGRETSY! Second thought: Awww, people are mean.  Third thought: Ehhh…….it’s just regretsy.  Fourth thought: People are mean. Back and forth.  I figured it was just a matter of time until I saw my work up there, but I hadn’t really prepared myself for the onslaught of witty online bashers.  However, my etsy shop views for the weeks following my regretsy feature were THROUGH THE STINKIN’ ROOF.  What do they say, any press is good press?

Screen shot: “Hakuna Ma-Schmata”
Audio Helkuik featured on regretsy in 2010

As I said, the regretsy blogger posts an item that’s for sale on etsy along with some commentary, and then people are free to bash away.  About half of the comments on my listing just laugh at Omaha in general (Cow and corn jokes. How original.), many comments are making fun of gay male models (really? gay jokes….?), and then the rest are aimed at me.  I’m fully aware that I don’t make mainstream clothing.  I also know that alot of people do not like my work.  The thing is, I don’t make clothing for those people.

For about a week, I was pretty upset.  Then I took the garment that was beaten down online and looked at it for awhile and I thought “Nope. I still think it rocks.”   I love the outfit, the makeup, the image, the model (Mark! What a trooper!), everything. I also like to imagine this sweater styled with so many other outfits (although I find the head-to-toe tribal look aesthetically pleasing):

Sunny fall afternoon: throw this sweater over a tank with skinny jeans, sunglasses and gobs of brass jewelry.

Menswear casual: Pair this sweater shrug with a black button up with khakis and some sweet black boots.

Tough glamour: A little black dress with clunky boots, this sweater and giant hoop earrings.

While I don’t necessarily enjoy being bashed online, it’s not so bad as long as I know I am making collections that can handle the beating.  I still stand behind “h/g: you be the hunter, I’ll be the gatherer.”

See the etsy listing that was featured on regretsy here:

See the regretsy post titled “Hakuna Ma-Schmata” here:

***UPDATE*** Link to Regretsy feature broken because shut down.

***UPDATE*** All clothing featured in outfit are SOLD OUT (except the wrist cuff)! Heck yeah.


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5 responses to “Audio Helkuik featured on

  1. Gypsy

    06.13.12 at 9:14 am

    It looks super cozy. Also, that makeup is kickass.
    I can go punch the haters for you.
    (And yes, your awesomeness stands up to all manner of ridicule)


  2. Cindi

    06.13.12 at 9:24 am

    I guarantee you that the people commenting on the Regretsy post would never have enough balls to put themselves out there and create an entire collection. And, people are mean – but that’s their miserable problem.


  3. audiohelkuik

    06.13.12 at 9:30 am

    Thanks guys. No one ever says those types of things to me in real life, but the typical midwest demeanor is a polite one. The internet makes people nasty.


    • marypgt

      07.14.12 at 11:10 pm

      Pardon my french, but fuck em. The internet is awesome and awful at the same time. When it’s awful it’s just a breeding ground for folks to reinforce fears first introduced in elementary school where being different is, like the worst thing ever…sad to think most comments in that regretsy example are out of the fingers/brains of grown people. Keep on doing your thing, my friend.


  4. Cindi

    06.13.12 at 1:08 pm

    I grew up here in Omaha, and while people are indeed “polite” to your face, I have found that behind your back, they are anything but. And it’s something that I don’t love about the Midwest, because when you get behind the anonymity of the internet, it is really bad. I have tried, over the years, to learn to surround myself with people who are open and know how to voice their opinions and criticisms in a constructive way. And I have tried to foster this in myself (although I have this infernal sarcastic, snarky streak that sometimes gets the better of me). But, this is a very deep convo for the comments of your lovely regretsy…



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