upcoming collection: “monoprismatic”

21 Jun

monochromatic: (adjective) Containing or using only one color or hue.

prismatic: (adjective) spectral in color; brilliant.

Color vocab mashup: monoprismatic

My upcoming collection is titled “monoprismatic” and it will be presented as a series of twelve monochromatic looks.  While each look is monochromatic, the entire collection is actually prismatic. Every look will be comprised of a different saturated color that is one step farther on the color wheel than the look before it.  The first model will be head-to-toe in red, the next red-orange, the next model will be in all orange, the next in yellow-orange….etc…..through the entire color spectrum.

monoprismatic mini mood board

In addition to the very defined color scheme, I’ve layered some other concepts into the collection.  The hats/headwear have a little bit of 1960’s stewardess inspiration to them.  The models will also be styled with a hint of sad-but-nerdy superhero flair.

This collection is mostly going to feature menswear or unisex garments and accessories.  It is a casualwear or streetwear collection, but it will still definitely have the Audio Helkuik aesthetic. The pieces will be easy to wear without compromising my customers’ love of drama in their wardrobe.

My monoprismatic collection will be debuted at Omaha Fashion Week in August.  I am one of the designers in the Avant Garde Runway show on Tuesday, August 21st.  Tickets available at



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2 responses to “upcoming collection: “monoprismatic”

  1. Gypsy Sauerwein

    06.22.12 at 9:47 am

    I can’t wait to see it. ❤


  2. marypgt

    07.14.12 at 10:48 pm

    OH LORD. I love a good rainbow. Can’t wait to see it!



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