Go to your happy place: an Overcrowded Costume Shop

17 Jul

In the theater where I work, there’s a very, very full costume rental shop in the basement.  My coworker friend manages the rental department, but when she can’t make it into work I get to fill in.  I can’t bring myself to say “I LOVE WHEN SHE’S SICK!” because being sick is a sucky deal, but it means I get to be surrounded by costumes all afternoon.  (When I say surrounded by costumes, I really mean “almost swallowed up by the insane amount of costumes stuffed into this space.”)

Audio Helkuik in their natural habitat: an overcrowded costume shop.

Besides all the vintage outfits, the giant animal bodies, and crazy headwear, the reason I REALLY REALLY love costume shops is because they are SO. FREAKING. RANDOM.

Randomness strikes: “Where should I put these handfuls of wolf heads?”

And where else would it be normal to find a box of polar bear heads stashed under a giant gator body?

Of course it’s alot of fun to run around and play dress up while working in a costume shop, but there IS actual work that has to get done. I took a photo for proof. Exhibit A:

Sorting colors for the billionth load of laundry that day.  I loathe doing laundry.

For curious folks: The theater I stitch at is the Rose Theater in downtown Omaha.


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