Omaha Salon competing for Battle of the Strands

08 Sep

So, I’m not a huge fan of reality television but my interest is officially piqued.  An Omaha salon, Fringes, is in the running to go to Las Vegas to be filmed for the show Battle of the Strands.  Battle of the Strands is ” the extreme beauty show featuring your favorite stylists and salons from across the country. An epic showdown of extreme genius in hair, makeup, wardrobe, and styling with limited time and unlimited creativity!” (according to the Battle of the Strands website).  They claim that the styling challenges on the show will match that drama and magic of Vegas which includes showgirls, lions and mummies!  (Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE theatricality?!)

On top of the crazy styling that is bound to happen, I’m also really excited about this show because one of the stylists on the Fringes team is Omar Rodriguez.  He is friend of mine and also does a fantastic job on the runway when I ask him to model for me.  Also, Omar is a huge supporter of local artists and designers and one of my favorite Omaha clients.  In Fringes’ Battle of the Strands submission video, Omar wears an outfit that includes a custom vest/pant combo designed by myself. And he looks great, as usual.

Omaha hair stylist Omar Rodriguez wearing custom Audio Helkuik garments in Fringes Salon’s submission video for Battle of the Strands 2012.  (Photo credit: Dale Heise)


Omar Rodriguez modelling for Audio Helkuik in Omaha Fashion Week’s Avant Garde Runway show. (Photo credit: g thompson higgins gallery)


To view Fringe’s Battle of the Strands submission video click here: Vote for Fringes Salon for Battle of the Strands 2012!

Voting goes for one more week (through Sept 13th) and you can vote once a day. As of RIGHT NOW, Fringes’ is in first place. I’m rooting for them!  Yeah Omar!   Yeah Fringes!   Yeah Omaha!


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