Vintage Tracing Paper

13 Sep

The old ladies that volunteer at a thrift store that I like to go to saw that I intended to purchase this obviously old package of tracing paper.  They refused to let me pay for it.  They insisted it was no good because of its age. I protested a little, but it was like four or five against one I was afraid they’d win if it got physical.  Plus, free stuff….why am I arguing again?

Vintage Tracing Paper

They almost just threw it out on the spot, but I talked them into let me at least take it home.  And, it works just great.  I’ve been using it quite a bit.  Plus, I like the vintage packaging.  Free to me!  (It was only priced at a quarter or something, but free is always something to get at least a little excited about.  Small victories!)

Too bad the old ladies don’t trust the old sewing supplies.  I do.


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One response to “Vintage Tracing Paper

  1. Metallic Dapper

    09.16.12 at 10:48 pm

    Free anything! So true! I love your perspective on this!



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