Poppin’ Pills: Joint Health Supplements

22 Sep

Since I sew/knit/crochet/draw/paint/etc pretty much ALL day EVERY day, I decided to look into some joint health supplements.  Taking pills is one of my least favorite things ever, but my fear of arthritis and/or carpal tunnel syndrome is far greater than my hatred for pills.

Right now, I don’t have too much joint pain in my hands or fingers unless I’m working a bunch of 12+ hrs/day in the studio and the work is something that uses alot of pinning, gripping, or repetitive motions (aka: at the end of every project when deadlines are approaching faster than I want).  Even though my hands feel pretty good most of the time, I figured it can’t hurt to start paying attention to my joints now.  I NEED them to do what I love.  And, it’d be nice to be able to knit past the age of 30.

My joint health supplement regime: glucosamine, green tea extract, ginger root extract and fish oil.

I’m a total rookie when it comes to supplements, but this is what I’m taking right now:

Glucosamine (large white pill)

Green tea extract (beige pill)

Ginger root extract (yellow pill)

Fish oil gelcap (amber pill)

(NOTE: I’m sensitive to caffeine, so I have to make sure I don’t take the green tea extract too late in the day or I can’t sleep at night.)

(SECOND NOTE: I’M NOT A DOCTOR.  I don’t know anything about supplements other than what google and my local pharmacist told me. Just thought maybe other artist/crafters/knitters might be interested in starting to look into joint health.  “Check with your doctor before you start any health supplement regime….” blah blah blah.)


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2 responses to “Poppin’ Pills: Joint Health Supplements

  1. Marietta

    10.05.12 at 10:26 am

    What a great idea to help yourself before you do start hurting. I too like to crochet and I only really do it in my spare time, but lately that has been every night. I do notice that after I have a little bit of pain in my wrist and my pinky (for some reason). I came across your blog and I am glad I did. I think I will do some more research to see which health supplements I should start taking for preventative measures! Thanks so much!


    • audiohelkuik

      10.05.12 at 7:05 pm

      You’re welcome. I hope you find something that helps!



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