“31 Days…” Day 3: Librarian

03 Oct

Today I dressed up as a librarian.

Not a sexy librarian.

(I don’t do sexy Halloween costumes.)

Day 3: Librarian

When I was a freshman in college, I set out to wear the LEAST sexy costume I could think of because I was sick of seeing skanky Halloween costumes everywhere.  I went out as a librarian that year. (Disclaimer: I don’t think ALL librarians are unsexy.)  Anyways, I went out dressed in the best frumpy librarian outfit I had, but at that point I was naive enough to never have heard of the “naughty librarian” concept.  I went out with my BFF, who was dressed as a bondage goth boy on a leash…..and he needed someone to hold his leash, so I did.  Because I’m a good BFF.  However, after one zillion catcalls and way too many REALLY forward comments about how naughty I was, I finally had to ask what it was all about.   This is when I learned about the “naughty librarian” phenomenon.  Lesson learned: if you are dressed as a strict librarian but you are holding the leash of a bondage goth boy, your costume DEFINITELY tips over into the sexual category.  My bad.

Today I went sans-leash and I think I looked more haughty and less naughty.

Librarian details: reading glasses on a chain, brooch, cardigan, lace blouse, sensible footwear, wrinkled hose.



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