“31 Days…” Day 4: Shadow

04 Oct

I’m working at a theater this fall and we opened a show today.  For those of you in theater, you know that this translates to “MY BRAIN’S BEEN SO FOCUSED ON GETTING THIS SHOW UP THAT I CAN’T STOP THINKING IN ALL CAPS!”

So, with that in mind…..I’m pretty pleased with myself for continuing with my “31 Days of Halloween” costume challenge today.  I had exactly 10 minutes after finishing last minute costume details to eat, let my pups out, get costumed, and then get back to the theater in time for call times. Luckily, I can throw a costume together pretty quickly.

Day 4: Shadow

Since I find blackface makeup to be both impractical and offensive, I decided to just create a stylized shadow look for my face with makeup and black netting.  Guess how many times I tried to eat snacks through that netting!  (an embarrassing amount of times….)   In addition to being a great easy costume for a SUPER hectic day, my outfit was so fluttery it was almost distracting.  I really like to frolic and flutter, so my shadow outfit made me happy all day long.

Shadow details: stylized shadow makeup, black netting, sheer black flowy top, sheer black circle skirt.


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