“31 Days…” Day 5: Church Sunday Duck

05 Oct

Today I was in the mood for a light-hearted costume.  I decided to be a duck.  A fancy duck.  A duck with a hat and gloves like I was headed to duck church on Sunday morning.

Day 5: Church Sunday Duck

This is probably the most darling costume I’ve worn this month.  So much so that it inspired me to use the word “darling,” which normally isn’t even in my vocabulary.

Duck details: fancy feathered hat, yellow feather boa, feather makeup eyebrows, orange beak, ruffle wing sleeves, orange tights and shoes.

I bike everywhere, so I either need to create costumes I can bike in, or change when I’m about to hop on my ride.  This was a costume that just wasn’t going to work on a bike.  So, after work, I changed and rode to the grocery store. I shopped in a small town grocery store with my duckface makeup on and they just weren’t feelin’ it.

Oh well. My costume was cute. So, I don’t give a duck.


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