“31 Days…” Day 6: Teen Angst

06 Oct

Day 6 of my “31 Days of Halloween” costume challenge and I dressed up as the epitome of TEEN ANGST.

Angst (noun) : a feeling of deep anxiety or dread, typically an unfocused one about the human condition or the state of the world in general  (Spanks a bunch,!)

Okay, so teenage anger has a million different appearances, but hey, I just picked one that is easily read as “Hey. I’m angsty. Deal with it.”

Day 6: Teen Angst

Every time I saw myself in a mirror today I was like “Hello, high school!”  (This outfit is plucked right out of my very own teen angst years.  Throwback Thursday…..on a Saturday.)

Teen Angst details: random black tshirt, studded belt, cheerleader skirt, fishnets, combat boots, goth-ish makeup.

I happen to be working at a very conservative Christian college who happens to be in the middle of Homecoming weekend and whose colors happen to be red & white and I just happened to bike through the crazy school-spirited football crowd on their way to the Homecoming football game.  Since I was wearing a red & white cheerleader skirt with super goth-ish makeup & fishnets, they seemed to be very displeased by my presence.  Accidental school spirit?  Accidental anti-school spirit?

I dunno…..get outta my way, man, I’m trying to bike here! (uh oh. My teen angst outfit seems to have some method acting consequences.)


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