“31 Days…” Day 7: Pippi Longstocking

07 Oct

When I was about 8 years old, my elementary school held a “Dress up as your Favorite Literary Character” sort of day. I was a HUGE booknerd (was….is…..whatever) so I was PUMPED.  I decided to be Pippi Longstocking and I spent all week getting my costume ready with my mom.  We even found a little stuffed monkey for me to carry around all day!  That morning, I put on my outfit, got my pipecleaner braids put in, and was feeling pretty spiffy.  I got to school and I was SO excited to see all my classmates costumes…..but…..I was the only one wearing one.  BUZZKILL.

Today was kind of the same. (Except I couldn’t find my childhood monkey to carry around with me.)  I gathered my costume items over the week, I got REALLY excited to wear it, and then I was the only one in costume. Everyone else’s loss.  If you dress up like Pippi, then you are pretty much guaranteed to have an super fun, carefree, adventure-filled day.

Day 7: Pippi Longstocking

If 8-year-old me had shown up today also dressed up as Pippi, we’d both be silently squealing with glee!!! (I was a very quiet, but enthusiastic kid.  (Was……..whatever.)

Pippi Longstocking Details: crazy braids, orange hair (okay okay, I just did orange eyebrows), freckles, patches, long stockings.


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