“31 Days…” Day 10: Sleepy Sheep

10 Oct

I scored a quilted robe/nightgown/something that was cream-colored and screaming to be made into a sheep costume. (Not literally screaming. That’d be creepy. Don’t wear clothes that shriek at you.)  I was pretty sure I could quickly turn this robe into a costume that looked like a sheep, but I was also pretty sure that it’d still look like a robe/nightgown/something. Instead of fighting it, I decided to just go with it.  I’d end up looking like a sheep in PJ’s……..tada!

Day 10: Sleepy Sheep!

Day 10: Sleepy Sheep

Sleepy Sheep Details: Sleeping mask, sheep ears, sheep nose makeup, sleepy makeup, quilted robe/nightgown/something, black long-sleeved shirt, black leggings, black boots.

And as a special bonus today, I took a quick snapshot of the robe before I sheep-ified it. Costuming secret: look at things for what they COULD be, not what they are.  It’s way easier to morph an already made item into what you need than to start from scratch.  I just used safety pins all over this robe/nightgown/something to create the scrunched up sheep wool outfit and elastic pinned into place on the bottom.  If you plan on doing something similar to this and you are a partier or dancer, I’d recommend stitching things instead of pinning.  Or clamping the safety pins shut with pliers.  I had one safety pin come loose during the day and I was worried about getting stabbed.  (I made it through the day stab-free, but be careful!)

Here’s the before pic:

Robe that soon got sheep-ified.


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