“31 Days…” Day 12: Kid Awesome!

12 Oct

Today I’ve been dressed up like a little kid, but not just any kid. Kid Awesome!  This kid is wearing his COOLEST outfit ever and running around being AWESOME!

Day 12: Kid Awesome!

This kid is a kid you wanna be friends with. He’s wearing his REDDEST cape and his FASTEST sneaks and his BESTEST buddy, Teddy, is with him for all the adventures (OF COURSE Teddy’s along for adventures….where else would he be?!).

Kid Awesome! details: cape, Ninja Turtles bandana, stethoscope, goggles, Cocoa Puffs pj’s, Teddy, Batman belt, adventurous spirit.

Even though I’m wearing costumes every day this month, I do not get into character every day.  I just stay Audi, but I happen to be in costume.  I can’t act. I don’t want to act. I just want to wear costumes.

However, THIS costume always gets me.  I think it’s because I’m kind of like a six year old already, so when I dress the part, I just can’t help it.  I run and jump and fly with my cape……it’s fun. It’s fun when you’re six. It’s also fun when you’re technically not six (but you celebrate your sixth birthday every year anyways because, really, you kinda are six).

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