“31 Days…” Day 12 PART 2: Bowie Party

13 Oct

So, my good friends from the Church of Tomorrow threw a super awesome Bowie-themed party last night.  I didn’t have any Bowie costumes figured out, but it just didn’t seem right to go to the Bowie party in “regular clothes.”   My day costume, Kid Awesome, would’ve at least been a costume to wear, but it didn’t seem like the perfect party look.

So, I did what anyone would do. I put on a unitard, stood in front of my accessories station and started throwing things on. (Yes, I DO have an accessories station and yes, I DO call it that.)

Day 12 PART 2: Bowie Party Outfit

While this outfit might not be a costume with a specific title, I figured it could be part of my “31 Days of Halloween” project because, well, it’s quite a look…..?  Maybe I’m not sure if I should technically call it a costume because it might just an outfit that got a little out of hand with the accessories.  I could have entered myself into a costume contest and then it’d DEFINITELY be a costume, but I have stage fright.  I didn’t want to stand in front of a crowd and be judged.  That sounds like torture. That sounds like a good way to ruin a fun, costumed evening.

Bowie Party Outfit details: feather boa hair, face veil, unitard, tie cape, bowtie, fanny pack, sequin belt.

It was a great party.  I really miss Omaha.  I’ve been working out of town all fall, so it was so great to be back in Omaha for the weekend and see so many cool people I know at once.  I spent most of the night chatting and/or people-watching instead of dancing, but I still had a blast.  People-watching at a Bowie dance party = hours of entertainment. So many sequins. So many unitards.


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