“31 Days…” Day 13: Ventriloquist Dummy

14 Oct

I started out my day in Omaha.  There was a zombie walk and a zombie prom planned for here today. But, I spent my evening in Des Moines because my partner’s band, Violent Fade, had a show at a zombie fest/party/thing. In addition to this zombie fest/party/thing I went to, Des Moines had a zombie walk today, too.  ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE!

So, when I was deciding what to wear today for a costume, I thought “Ah! A zombie seems like the logical choice!”  However, logic does not rule my world.

Day 13: Ventriloquist Dummy

Sure, sure. I could’ve been a zombie dummy, but no.  I’m just not into zombies.  And, I don’t really like dressing up as scary things.  The ventriloquist dummy costume is creepy enough as is. Every time I saw my face today I was like “Ah! I’m kinda creepy!”

Ventriloquist Dummy details: white shirt, bowtie, suspenders, slacks, dress shoes, dummy makeup.

While I was waiting for Violent Fade to play tonight, I walked out of the music venue and bumped into a little kid. She saw my face and was totally spooked. However, this kid was dressed like a zombie with blood dripping down her face, so when I saw HER face, I was totally spooked!  So, I guess we’re even.


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