“31 Days…” Day 16: Drag Queen

16 Oct

This has been my DREAM costume for the past few Halloweens.  I always realize that I pretty much have next-to-nothing in my own closet to create a decent drag queen outfit.  No tiaras, no evening gowns, no rhinestones….nothing drag queen-ish.  But this year, I’m working in a costume studio that has all of these things! A real tiara! A sparkly evening gown! Rhinestones galore!  THANK YOU NWC FOR MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE!

Day 16: Drag Queen

You can learn alot about yourself if you spend a day walking around in drag.  I learned:

1) Despite all my practice, I still cannot walk in heels. (I should’ve snapped a shot of me after an hour or two in costume.  I switched to a pair of utility work boots I had in my office, which didn’t *exactly* go with my evening gown, but oh well.)

2) Gobs of rhinestones really, truly make me feel fabulous.

3) I’m pretty sure you cannot have a bad day in a tiara. Everything that happened today was aiming me straight into “bad day territory:” woke up late, spilled my coffee, forgot my lunch at home, etc…..but I put on the tiara and I can honestly say my day was not even close to a bad day.

4) I do not like disco. At least I don’t think I do.  I played a bunch of “Drag Queen Classics” type of playlists at work today and I fast forwarded alot.  ALOT.

5) I totally understand drag queen drama.  And I don’t think it can be stopped.  If anyone had tried to get in the way of MY day today while I was in costume, I would’ve stepped up and finger snapped in their face.  I think it’s something about the outfit….?  I felt powerful. And I felt like I deserved to get everything I wanted.  I felt like a QUEEN.  THE OUTFIT WAS TAKING OVER.

Drag Queen details: sparkle gown, fake BOOBS, square-shaped hips, makeup, tiara, rhinestone bling, feather boas, bicep tattoo (why do they ALWAYS have a bicep tattoo?!), sparkle heels.

Check out my sweet Omaha Rollergirls tattoo on my bicep! With gay pride colors!  Sweet!  Scored this stick-on at Omaha Pride this summer & was saving it for a special occasion.  Halloween month=special occasion.

This was a fun costume, but I think I’m quite tired from wearing it today. I think it made me think too much.  I kept self-evaluating my emotions, my thoughts, my own perceptions of gender/society/fashion/sexuality.  I wish I could just say “Yay! Drag queen day was fun!” but I’m an overthinker.  Gender/society/fashion/sexuality are topics that I really enjoy thinking about, but I’m happy to be thinking about them with my own clothes, face & body again.


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