“31 Days…” Day 17: Hedgehog

17 Oct

So, I love to create Halloween costumes out of clothes and accessories that can be made and gathered without a ton of money or trouble.  This costume, however, is not one of those costumes.  This hedgehog dress was a project my senior year in college for an Experimental Design course.  It was all sorts of trouble to make, but it ended up JUST. SO. CUTE.

Day 17: Hedgehog

The reason this was such a tricky project, is because the entire spiked back is created out of one HUUUUUUUGE piece of fabric.  I bought a long yardage of super-duper-extra-wide fabric and marked out a grid of big circles.  Then I put in a bunch of darts that pointed at the centers of each circle.  After 800 gazillion hours of darting up this HUUUUUUGE piece of fabric, I stuffed the spikes and finished the dress!  Tada!  This guy used up a LOT of fabric, so it’s quite heavy.

(Note: This post is not intended to be a tutorial on how to create a spiked hedgehog dress.  The project was for Experimental Design class, which means I most definitely experimented with the design.  I am POSITIVE it could be improved if I ever wanted to go back to it. Which I don’t. At least not yet.  So, no tutorial for now, but here’s some more CUTE HEDGIE PICS!)

Hedgehog details: hood with ears, spikes, hedgie makeup.


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