“31 Days…” Day 18: Leprechaun

18 Oct

My very favorite holiday is Halloween. (Duh.)

My second favorite holiday is St. Patrick’s Day. My love for this holiday has nothing to do with Irish heritage or green beer. I’m not Irish, and I don’t drink beer. So, for me, St. Patrick’s Day is a day where it’s okay to dress head-to-toe in an over-the-top gaudy green outfit!  Yay!  I thought it was fitting to combine my two favorite holidays and wear a St. Patrick’s Day inspired costume for Halloween.

Day 18: Leprechaun!

Day 18: Leprechaun!

A few years ago, I put together a sweet leprechaun costume for my partner, so putting one together for me was fairly easy.  Especially since I can knit beards!

I’ll admit, I didn’t wear the beard the whole day…..shame on me.  I wore it for quite awhile, but I always get the munchies and I just don’t know how to snack with a beard.  I haven’t had enough practice yet.  So I took the beard off so I could eat my mashed potatoes (hey, they count as a snack!) and then I kinda just left it off for most the day.  My partner wore the beard the ENTIRE time he was in costume a few years ago, so I guess he wins the “Yarn Beard Endurance Competition.”  (If someone seriously makes him a medal or a trophy that declares him the “Yarn Beard Endurance CHAMPION” I will totally flip out!)

Leprechaun details: green-trimmed hat, clover scarf, green shirt, green scarf, green velvet blazer, gold chains (my treasure, yo!), green boots, orange beard, matching orange eyebrows, rosy cheeks.

If a costume I’m planning has alot of pieces or layers, I usually try it on ahead of time and figure out what is working, what isn’t, and what I still need.  I didn’t get a chance to do a visual inventory of this costume.  I had just been gathering leprechauny things sort of haphazardly and hoped I had a enough to make an outfit.  I laid it all out on the floor to see if I had enough pieces to create an entire leprechaun. And…..yep!  Looks just like a leprechaun!  Well, a melted leprechaun….but… get the idea.

Leprechaun Costume…..melted


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