“31 Days…” Day 20: Scarecrow Secret Service Agent

20 Oct

I don’t know what life is like in scarecrow society, but they’ve probably adapted (or been forced to adapt) democracy as their government style.  Which means there is a scarecrow President.  Which means there are scarecrow Secret Service Agents protecting them.

Day 20: Scarecrow Secret Service Agent

I realized that there is a flaw in my “31 Days of Halloween” plan…..I have stuff going on this month….?  I mean work/errands/grocery shopping/etc….no big deal.  I can do those in costume, whatever.  All month I have been brainstorming how to continue with my costume challenge AND be a groomsman in my BFF’s wedding, which was today.

I figured I had 3 options: 1) skip wearing a costume that day and totally fail at my costume challenge.  2) Wear a costume for maaaaaaybe an hour or two in the early morning before all the wedding festivities started and then wear my wedding outfit for the rest of the day.  3) Figure out a costume that corresponds with my wedding outfit and wear it when I could during the wedding day.

Weighing my options:

1) “30 Days of Halloween” just sounds lame. Pass on option 1.  I am not a quitter.  2) Kinda seems like a cop out…..I didn’t want to feel like a cheater.   3) Okay–let’s do this! When figuring out today’s costume, I had to keep all these new rules in mind: it has to incorporate a suit, it has to have no costumey makeup, it has to be easy to take on/off for impromptu official wedding party photos, etc.  This costume was all about the details.

Scarecrow Secret Service Agent details: suit, shades, earpiece, straw.

I needed to look super professional, because dude, I’m gotta protect the Scarecrow President, but I also had to be a scarecrow.  So I went heavy on the professional and subtle with the scarecrow for this costume.  My straw accessories are just some raffia scraps from my 90’s Craft Show Enthusiast costume stitched onto elastic for quick bracelets I could throw on and yank off when needed.  And my earpiece is one of those curly no-tie shoestrings!  (I’m not a techno-gadget lover, so I don’t have things like earpieces just lying around.  Goofy shoestrings, though?  I got plenty of those.)


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