“31 Days…” Day 21: Caveman

21 Oct

Throughout my “31 Days of Halloween” costume challenge, I keep thinking how my dreads are getting in the way of some costume concepts I want to create.  Alot of costume require distinctive hair that I just cannot do my dreadlocks: slicked down hair, curls, wigs, etc.  I started thinking about costumes that would be IMPROVED by the presence of dreads.  So I give you my costume of the day: a caveman!

Day 21: Caveman (and a little Cavepup)

This costume doesn’t provide a ton of warmth or opportunities for secret layering for cold weather, so I was happy it was a beautiful, sunshiney day in Omaha today!  My pup, Thor, was tapdancing around and trying to get my attention while I was taking photos, so I let him be my Cavepup.  He makes a really adorable Cavepup.

Caveman details: leopard tunic, stretched septum claw jewelry, dirt makeup, dreads, barefoot, claw necklace, cute Cavepup.


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