Why I like to make sturdy garments.

14 Nov

Why do I like to make sturdy clothing? Because of people like me.

I’m rough on clothes. Actually, I’m kind of rough on everything: bags, bikes, furniture, dishes, etc.  If it’s not sturdy, it’s not going to be around very long.

Example #1: There’s this sheer baby blue lacy slip in my closet.  I wear it all the time: over jeans, under skirts, with leggings, etc. It’s great. I even wore it while biking once.  So fluttery and fun!  Weeeee!  Until it got caught in the chain and now there’s a whole bunch of holes in it. It makes me sad every time I see them.

Example #2: I have a really adorable short sleeve lace jacket from the 50’s or 60’s, the kind you’d wear over a dress, and it’s mustard yellow (my fav!) and it’s SOOOO cute. And now it’s kind of shredded on the seams because I wore it while I was climbing up and down a ladder to hang a heavy curtain in a theater and then I went crawling around on the ground to hem said curtain. I don’t even know. I make bad choices.

Example #3: I like to wear fishnets. And I also like to wear six thousand pounds of jewelry, including a whole bunch of bracelets.  Usually, at least one of these bracelets gets caught in my fishnets and I tear another hole in my fishnets when I freak out about being stuck and have the NEED TO BE FREE! I don’t mind the ripped fishnets look, but it’s not really a choice for me.

Photo proof:

Shredded up tights. I don’t know if I have any left that don’t look like this.

My beat up denim: the fate of all of my jeans.

Clearly, I need to make some better outfit/activity matches, but even so, I’m not great at wearing dainty clothes.

This fact influences my designs.  Everything is created with quality to last more than that one rough day.  My favorite fabric to work with is a medium-weight cotton twill weave.  It’s sturdy, but not too bulky.  I draw up alot of outfits including sheers (oh, the layering possibilities!), but I am always worried the whole time I’m sewing them.  I am worried I might be too rough on the fabric while I am finishing the garment and then I wonder “What if this ends up with someone like me? Someone who is just TOO ROUGH?!”

Sturdy. Sturdy is safe.


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