Making Multiples: Quilted Brains & Love Art

04 Dec

I almost always make completely one-of-a-kind art/clothing/accessories/etc.  I like figuring stuff out and trying something new, which usually means I try something new for every single project.

This one-of-a-kind model of creation is great, but I’ve been doing it for so long, I can feel myself getting antsy.  Essentially, it isn’t completely fulfilling my need to continue to try new things.

So, I tried something new:  I made more than one of something.

Brains & Love Wall Hanging

Brains & Love Wall Hanging

I’m not dabbling in mass production or anything, but I did create five or six of these adorable wall hangings.  I love them.  They are appliqued and quilted.  I liked the original challenge of figuring the layout, the freestyle embroidery for the brains, the fabrics, the applique stitching, etc.  Additionally, I enjoyed the challenge of creating the item again and again.

Appliqued textile art.

Appliqued textile art.

Freestyle embroidered brains. Just like in real life, the brains differ slightly from skull to skull.

Freestyle embroidered brains. Just like in real life, each brain differs slightly.

I’ve put these adorable wall-hangings from my ‘making multiples’ challenge up for sale in my shop.  They look great on a range of wall colors (I’ve got quite the color palette in house, and I didn’t find a wall it looked bad on), and they make great gifts!  Shop here:

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