Fashion Show Trolley Ride

03 Jan

At the Omaha Fashion Week finale runway show last August, the large main backstage area was several blocks away from the small actual-backstage-to-the-runway area.  They had a trolley bring models back and forth when they needed to be on deck for the runway.

My rainbow models entering the trolley (followed by Ellene McClay’s warrior models).

Under different circumstances, this trolley ride would’ve been a super fun time.  Unfortunately, everyone was exhausted from prepping ALLLLLL day and waiting ALLLLLLL evening, and hopping on the trolley meant you were about to hop on the runway, so nerves were high.

Glam-blur models.

Even with the exhaustion and the nerves, my models still seemed to have fun.  They always do.

Chillin’ on the trolley.

The model in blue, Nick, thinks something about the trolley ride is HUH-larious.

It was a short trip, but for some reason the trolley ride made quite a memory for me.  I’m sure a lot of people that rode it just hopped on and didn’t think about it again, but I thought it was cool.  I love taking blurry pictures (sorry! it’s a random hobby!) so a trolley ride over cobbled brick streets gave me the perfect setting for vibrating, blurry pictures.

Rainbow models say goodbye to the fashion trolley.


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