Knick Knack Success

27 Jan

When it comes to decorating an outfit with extra little accessories here and there, I am awesome.  When it comes to putting decorative detail work onto garments I am creating, still awesome.  But when it comes to incorporating decorative touches around my house, I’m not so awesome.

I am awful at having knick knacks.  Either I have every surface covered in projects, piles of stuff to sort through, supplies, functional items, etc or I have completely bare surfaces (RARE!).  I’ve never been good at strategically placing decorative items in my living space.  Maybe it’s because I always have limited space and money, so I think “Why would I spend money on something that has a sole purpose of TAKING UP SPACE?!?!”  But, I am trying.  My partner and I have been slowly working knick knacks into our home and it’s kind of exciting.  Okay, mostly it’s tough, but it’s also exciting.  Here’s a little snippet of part of our house that has been “accessorized.”  (Maybe using this terminology will help me gain knick knack skills.)

Dining room corner atop our AM tube radio: clothespin lovers, ammo box, books, pipe, metal dressform adorned with a vintage bowtie.

Clothespin lovers: simple & cute knick knack friends.

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