Surrounding myself with Art

12 Apr

I love having a house because having a house means I have walls!  And having walls means I can hang art!  Lots and lots of art!  My partner and I have some art hung up already, but not nearly enough.  We’ll have to have another art hanging spree this spring.

I think all the artwork that I have in my house really inspiring, so I thought it’d be fun to share them here piece by piece.

My BFF, Timm McKenny, gave me some paintings for my living room.  Here’s one of them:

Painting by Timm McKenny

It’s a decent sized painting  (2.5 x 4′ ish) and it was created with a loose painting style, which I love partly because it looks like it was painted with ease and partly because I rarely can paint this way.  The look of this piece feels casual and focused at the same time, sort of like Timm himself.  It’s nice having his work in my living room because he lives far away and I miss him.  If I can’t see Timm, at least I get to see his art!

Me with Timm’s painting in my living room.

Art makes me happy. And sleepy, apparently.

He gave me another painting that’s also in my living room. That one is a portrait and I ADORE it.  I’ll share that one later.

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