Digital Drawing Time!

23 May

I don’t acclimate to new technology very readily.  My mom gifted me with a digital drawing tablet almost a year ago and I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me months to actually take it out of the box.  When I first tried it out, it was very hard for me to use.  I like real life. I like pencil and paper.  I felt like drawing digitally provided too great of a disconnect with my art.  Also, it was confusing for me to draw on the tablet and have the image I’m drawing appear on the screen.  (Again, technology is kind of hard for me.)  I made myself draw a few sketches before I packed it up again.

First digital sketch I did: The Whistling Giant


(Okay, confession: The first digital sketch I ever did wasn’t really The Whistling Giant.  It was actually a zombie Harry Potter zooming around on a broom, but it was so silly I giggled and forgot to save it before I started the next sketch.  So, we’ll just go with The Whistling Giant as the first sketch since there’s proof of it.)

Second digital sketch: Peace Monster

After I drew these cute monsters, I packed the tablet up for another 6 months.  Today I busted it out for a little more practice. I’ll admit that today it felt just like real-life sketching.  I wasn’t hung up on the fact that I wasn’t drawing using traditional pen and paper methods.  I actually ENJOYED it today. *gasp*

Drawing digitally.


I wanted to try out a technique that I’ll be using on an upcoming project.  I combined a photograph of a garment with a loose illustration style.

Photo of garment (Yellow-Green Button Up Tunic Shirt from my monoprismatic collection)


Photo + sketch


I really like the look of this and I am excited to incorporate this technique into the next project I’m tackling.  There is a lot of digital drawing in my future!


Side by side.


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