I am my own customer.

05 Jun

Part of my motivation and inspiration for my prysm.break collection was to create a microcollection where I, personally, want to wear all of the pieces on a regular basis.  While this is ends up being true for all of the collections that I create, I usually don’t set out with that in mind.  Of course I like all the things I make and want to wear them!  I’ve never sat down and designed with myself in mind as the customer and I found myself making different design decisions that I normally would.  I liked experiencing this new design process.  It felt very real.  Designing felt less like dreaming and more like creating something that would be worn and loved, because I knew at least I’d be wearing and loving all of these items.

prysm.break is a microcollection so I had to really edit my ideas to keep the numbers down.  (Most of my past collections have about 60+ one-of-a-kind garments and accessories in them!)  prsym.break has six items.  I wanted to keep it between five and ten really focused pieces that I could reproduce in several sizes, so I REALLY had to keep my brainstorming sessions in check.  One of the accessories that always made it into the edited lists of prysm.break accessories was a fringed scarf.  Since I was considering myself as the customer to design for, this was a no-brainer.  I love scarves and I love fringe and I knew I wanted to wear this one before I even finished making it.

Cutting jersey tube fringe.

Pinning the different layers of fringe and tassels in place.

Layered fringe on the prsym.break scarf.


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