Menswear Runway Show Omaha Fashion Week Fall 2013

24 Aug

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Omaha Fashion Week’s Menswear Runway Show. Fellow menswear enthusiast Chris Hughes, the designer behind Artifact Bag Co., joined me for the event.

Chris Hughes (Artifact Bag Co.) and Audio Helkuik on the Omaha Fashion Week Red Carpet

While Chris and I both love menswear, we have drastically different tastes.  I knew it was going to be interesting to go to this show with him.  In the venn diagram of our favorites from the night, I think there was maybe just a single look that overlapped from his favorites and mine.  It was an ensemble by designer Borris Powell.

Designer: Borris Powell

My all-time favorite menswear look of the evening was an outfit by designer Paulie Gibson.  It reminded me of the easy summer go-to outfit: t-shirt and shorts, but awesome instead of lame.  A draped, asymmetrical shirt made out of an interesting fabric paired with fitted, patterned shorts makes this outfit totally covetable. Plus, it seems to be just the perfect level of masculinity that I like to wear myself.  Really into this one.

Designer: Paulie Gibson

As I was enjoying Paulie Gibson’s eclectic design flair on the runway, I wondered what Chris Hughes thought of this spectacle.  His face proves that he was genuinely entertained.

Chris Hughes being thoroughly entertained by designer Paulie Gibson’s runway show.

I just love menswear. So glad that I had the chance to see a few collections shown here in Omaha.  Hope to see even more next season!

Photo by Herb Thompson

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