Zoo Day: Underwater Inspiration

11 Oct

My partner and I enjoyed a zoo adventure today.  The Henry Doorly Zoo here in Omaha is great, but it’s really overwhelming.  We focus on just one section at a time when we go and today was the aquarium!

Underwater life is crazy to me.  It’s like a wet Willy Wonka dreamworld but not made of candy.  A dreamworld with a few nightmares… this guy:

This giant crab’s claws have creepy human-like teeth!

I was on visual overload mode all day.  There were so many colors, patterns and textures to take in.

Jellyfish ruffles. Visually striking and so delicate.

TOTAL ACCIDENTAL BONUS OF THE DAY: my outfit matched a glittering piranha!  I’m not sure if sparkles make a piranha less terrifying, but it was fun to find myself accidentally matchy-matchy with a giant fish.

PIRANHA LEGS! My glitter tights matched this sparkly piranha!

One of the major highlights of the Omaha Zoo’s aquarium is the shark reef.  It’s the big tunnel where all the sharks, stingrays and sea turtles can swim around and above you.  Well, I have zero pictures of this display. I have no idea what inspiring imagery I could have captured from the shark reef.  I sprinted through this exhibit.  Before we went, I suspected I wouldn’t handle this exhibit very well but now my overhead aquarium phobia is officially confirmed.  My fellow zoo-goers got to observe me experience a bit of a breakdown.  I went to run through the tunnel, but midway I saw a shark over my head and then I SPRINTED back.  Then there were tears.  It was a little embarrassing.  Then I had to psych myself up to run through again and actually make it to the other side.  Anyone know the official name of “overhead aquarium phobia” or “tunnel aquarium phobia?”  I have it.  For sure.

I had my photo taken a few times in the aquarium by sneaky children.  I wanted to shout “I AM NOT AN UDNERWATER ODDITY!!!”  or  “IT’S MY HAIR, NOT A SEA ANEMONE!” but was still trying to regain composure when this happened, so…..I’m part of some families’ zoo day photo slideshow, I guess.

Once I was finally on the other side of the terrifying tunnel moment, I calmed down and enjoyed many more underwater oddities.  My new favorite animal of the day was a garden eel.  They are hilarious and adorable.

These little sprouts are garden eels.


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