Halloween 2013

10 Nov

My Halloween 2012 was epic. A new costume every day.  Kind of hard to beat that.  (Okay, obviously two costumes a day would beat that, but you know what I mean.)

My Halloween 2013 was very different.  I started costuming full-time, which is awesome! I’m used to working from my own studio full-time and adding in costuming shifts here and there.  Switching my time ratios around so drastically has been a little rough on me.  So, my Halloween month only had two costumes and it’s taken me a week and a half to even post them.  HOW EMBARASSING!   However, I HAVE been stitching up crazy costumes for OTHER people and maybe that makes up for it…..?

Paintin’ on them eyebrows.


Party Monster!


Solo dance party as a Party Monster.


I almost always dress up as a kid of some sort during Halloween time.   My wardrobe, size, and personality all lend towards kid costumes really well.

“First Day of School” costume complete with “First Day of School” smile/grimace.


Corduroy elephants on this vintage handmade jumper I thrifted. Perfect for this costume! Perfect for my life!


Already scheming up Halloween 2014 ideas!!!  (I keep an idea list year round. Duh.)


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