“31 Days…” Day 6: Troll Doll

06 Oct

My troll doll collection when I was a kid was puh-retty cool if I do say so myself.  I was excited to try to put together a Troll doll costume this year.  There’s no way to do this costume without looking at least a little creepy and weird. (Google image search ‘Troll doll costume’ and roll around in your LOL’s.)  Luckily, I don’t care AT ALL about looking weird, so I was game. Plus, JEWEL BELLYBUTTON.

Day 6: Troll Doll

I spent about half of my Troll doll day listening to 90’s hiphop and working on leather jewelry in my studio. Then I hung out in my yard with my dogs (shoutout to my neighbors who are too polite to say anything!) and I walked down to my neighborhood coffee shop to edit some photos (shoutout to the barista who made me a stellar blueberry almond latte!).  AND NO ONE EVEN ASKED ABOUT MY OUTFIT.  Sometimes living in the midwest surrounded by non-confrontational and super polite people is nice.

Troll doll working in the studio.


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