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everything goes monoprismatic…..

While preparing to debut my monoprismatic collection, I started rainbowizing everything:

Saved by the Bell goes monoprismatic….

The Wizard of Oz goes monoprismatic…..

The Chipmunks & Chipettes go monoprismatic…..


Buffy the Vampire Slayer goes monoprismatic…..

The Last Supper goes monoprismatic…..


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my rainbow life: SO MANY COLORS

I’ve been posting a series called “my rainbow life” where each day’s post has a color theme and features a photo montage from my everyday life in that specific color.  This is the finale of the “my rainbow life” series.

Here’s a mega-montage at all the color-themed photo montages of my life looped into a rainbow of colors.  This makes me so happy as I go around and around.  But seriously, if you can look at your life all awesomely rainbow-ized and NOT get a little giddy, you just might be dead inside.

Or color-blind.

But anyways, here it is, the most beautiful and colorful life one could ask for:

my rainbow life


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my rainbow life: RED

Top row: my sweetie, buttons, my red lipstick

Middle row: Octavius the Octopus (crocheted him for my sweetie), apple snack, patterning tools

Bottom row: glasses, my favorite red shoes, my trusty blender in my red kitchen


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my rainbow life: RED-ORANGE

Top row: two-headed quilt, my first crocheted creature, cravat

Middle row: red-head, thread, “I really love your peaches wanna shake your tree….”

Bottom row: climbing stairs, layered outfit, Micachu music


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my rainbow life: ORANGE

Top row: COOKIES!, bro vest, staircase corner

Midde row: thirsty, scissor cuddle puddle, orange dreads

Bottom row: “Whatever and Ever Amen,” Frank Pumpkin about to eat a tiny Playboy gnome, my tiger sneaks


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my rainbow life: YELLOW-ORANGE

Top row: amber lamp ambiance, cartoony shoelaces, cheesy ducks

Middle row: manilla pattern envelopes, studio table tools, bookbag

Bottom row: getting my Vitamin C, growing tomatoes, my sweetie and his pipe overlooking downtown Omaha


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my rainbow life: YELLOW

Top row: The Banana Lick, my very favorite cup, yellow-on-yellow outfit

Middle row: my bedroom (nicknamed “the bed nook”), yellow studio tools, buttons

Bottom row: makeup mask, hello yellow breakfast, lemon pastry candle


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my rainbow life: YELLOW-GREEN

Top row: my partner lookin’ fine while writing some music, my frame collage in my studio, scarfy-scarf

Middle row: my best friend, avocados, Thor’s new toy

Bottom row: green dreads, ratatouille, ballerina sneaker flats


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my rainbow life: GREEN

Top row: vintage bracelet with hidden watch, my sweetie, green grass

Middle row: “Wanna play tug?!,” luna moth pendant, vintage green and gold earrings

Bottom row: pepper plant in my garden, reusing green glass bottles for water bottles, “YEAH! TUG!”


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my rainbow life: BLUE-GREEN

Top row: teal eyebrow winner, my dining room, an unfinished painting

Middle row: my bff & his fiance magnetted to my fridge, teal thread stash, teal & gold beads

Bottom row: my partner’s sweet ink, toes on a handmade rug, excessive bracelets everyday


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