“31 Days…” Day 23: Snow Bunny

Today I was a snow bunny!

Warning: if you google image search “snow bunny” with the safe search off, it’s JUST boobs and boobs and boobs intermixed with a few actual bunnies. Just something I learned today.

Day 23: Snow Bunny


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“31 Days…” Day 22: Grandma’s Attic

FINALLY! I knew buying those rubber bats last year was a good idea!

(Life advice: Buy rubber bats! You never know when they’ll come in handy!)

Day 22: Grandma’s Attic



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“31 Days…” Day 21: Robin Sparkles

Robin Sparkles: fictional Canadian 80’s teen pop star from the tv show How I Met Your Mother. Her pop star persona is such a perfect cliche of an 80’s girl, which is most of her charm. I’m not wearing any of the EXACT outfits she wore in her videos, but I felt like they made her generic on purpose so I could get generic with my costume. Also, I’m not cosplaying Robin Sparkles. Also, have I finally figured out what cosplay means?


Day 21: Robin Sparkles

I had a bad attitude kind of day, so I wish I would’ve had a chance for a wardrobe change.  I was basically a flannel shirt and eyeliner away from becoming Robin Sparkles’ alter ego: ROBIN DAGGERS.

Look like Robin Sparkles. Feel like Robin Daggers.


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“31 Days…” Day 20: Hot Air Balloon Crash

I just don’t DO scary Halloween. This is probably my scariest costume. Or most traumatic.

Day 20: Hot Air Balloon Crash


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“31 Days…” Day 19: Rufio

“Ru-fi-o! Ru-fi-o! RU! FI! OHHHHHHHHH!”

Only today was a bit more like “RU! FI! Ughhhhhhhh Monnnnnndayyyy….”

Day 19: Rufio


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“31 Days…” Day 18: Yellow Crayon

Dandelion. Goldenrod. Lemon Yellow. Mac’n’Cheese. Sun Yellow. Canary.

I am the yellow crayon! I am terrible at writing letters but I am super at coloring sunshine!

Day 18: Yellow Crayon


Bonus for me: I got to wear jeans! And a sweater! And boots!  I love fall and I love fall outfits so I was PUMPED to be able to wear fall clothes that doubled as a costume.


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“31 Days…” Day 17: 20’s Something

Now THIS feels like a costume to me. I feel much more myself dressed as a Cool Ant than a glamour addict from the 20’s. It was fun to be so fancy though and people REALLY liked this one when I was out and about today.

Day 17: 20’s Something


(Pssst: This great dress is available at Scout Dry Goods. One of my fav Omaha stores!)


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“31 Days…” Day 16: Cool Ant

“‘I’m not a regular ant, I’m a COOL ANT!”   -MeanAntGirls, a made up movie with this real quote

Day 16: Cool Ant


Dedicated today’s costume to my little sister who is the real Cool Aunt to our nephew and niece!

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“31 Days…” Day 15: Audio Doll

You know those party poopers on Halloween that hate to dress up and when you ask them what their costume is they’re all “Uhhh, I’m just dressed up as myself….?” as if that counted AT ALL as a costume. But then I started thinking, “Could you dress up as yourself AND have it count as a costume???”

Challenge accepted!

Today I uhhh, just dressed up as myself. Well, the doll version of me. But definitely myself!

Day 15: Audio Doll

Okay so it helps that I’m already a walking cartoon/parody/caricature of myself anyways….so I just amplified it. Success. You CAN answer with “Uhhhhh, I’m just dressed up as myself…?” and have it count as a costume BUT you gotta put a little effort in it.

And yes that’s a mop on my head.


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“31 Days…” Day 14: Picnic

Today I dressed up like a picnic!  Such a happy costume!

Day 14: Picnic


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