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“31 Days…” Day 21: Robin Sparkles

Robin Sparkles: fictional Canadian 80’s teen pop star from the tv show How I Met Your Mother. Her pop star persona is such a perfect cliche of an 80’s girl, which is most of her charm. I’m not wearing any of the EXACT outfits she wore in her videos, but I felt like they made her generic on purpose so I could get generic with my costume. Also, I’m not cosplaying Robin Sparkles. Also, have I finally figured out what cosplay means?


Day 21: Robin Sparkles

I had a bad attitude kind of day, so I wish I would’ve had a chance for a wardrobe change.  I was basically a flannel shirt and eyeliner away from becoming Robin Sparkles’ alter ego: ROBIN DAGGERS.

Look like Robin Sparkles. Feel like Robin Daggers.


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