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Kabarett of the Absurd

“Kabarett of the Absurd” photo collection by Blacksheep Photography features clothing and accessories from my collection.  Here are a few of my favorite shots:

Model wears Circus Sun Goddess Headdress, Carnival Kimono Shrug, Sunburst Circus Tank and Avocado Velvet Cuffs.


Model wears Three Ring Militia Hat & Circus Bustle Jacket.


Model wears Three Ring Militia Hat & Circus Bustle Jacket.


Model wears Circus Sun Goddess Headdress, Carnival Kimono Shrug, Sunburst Circus Tank & Avocado Velvet Cuffs.



To see the rest of the “Kabarett of the Absurd” photo series, click here: KABARETT OF THE ABSURD

To shop the clothing & accessories you see, click here: collection


Photography: Blacksheep Photography

Clothing & Accessories: Audio Helkuik

HMU: Ash Robinson

Models: Chrisane Jarosz, Sammy Greer, Chelsea Hanna Nielsen


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In progress shots: Making a Half-Helmet

Fashion Week started yesterday here in Omaha.  I’ve shown a collection at Omaha Fashion Week at least once a year EVERY year since I’ve moved here.  It’s making me a little sad that I’m not part of the frenzy this time around.  I tried to figure out a way I could show a collection at fashion week AND start all these new exciting leatherworking projects AND pay the bills, but something had to go.

Turns out, maybe I can’t do it all. (Denial! DENIAL! Go back into denial! DO ALL THE THINGS!)

Since I am a little sad and reminiscent, I have been looking through all the photos I have from last year’s Omaha Fashion Week where I showed my monoprismatic collection in the Avant Garde Show. This year’s Avant Garde themed runway show is tonight, so I thought I’d get in the spirit and share some behind-the-scenes shots of me making the studded and feathered half-helmet from my monoprismatic line.

FIguring out the sculpted feather shapes and patterns.

Deciding on feather placement.

Stretching and molding the buckram.

Vintage woven fabric. Delicious!

Prepping a sculpted feather for bias trim. I’m not afraid of a bit of hand stitching!

Feathers are stitched. Helmet is studded.  Ready!

Who doesn’t love chain tassel detail?

My half-helmet hits the runway!  (Photo: g thompson higgins gallery. Model: Dawaune Hayes. Makeup: Sirens at the Loft.)

Happy Avant Garde Night tonight, Omaha!!!

Yellow Studded Half Helmet by Audio Helkuik available here:


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Studio/Skill Upgrade: Leatherworking

I’ve been putting this off for years.  I’ve always wanted to work with leather, but I have talked myself out of it over and over.  “You don’t need any MORE tedious crafts to do by hand.”  “You have never done this before.  It takes years and years to learn this craft.”  “You will mess up.  Leather is expensive.”  “Don’t kill the animals.”  etc…..

I love leather. I don’t want to, but I do.  I absolutely do.

I have quite the garment weight leather stash from years of collecting thrifted garments, friends’ worn out leather coats, scraps from other people’s leather projects, etc.  I started to actually use it by incorporating small leather accents into my designs.  It’s not enough.  I want to design with more leather.  I’ve decided to really jump in and order a couple leather sides in a harness weight and make some all leather items.  Fine leather goods.  Harnesses and hardware.  I’m totally in.

The problem?  My studio is set up for creating garments and accessories out of fabric.  I can handle garment weight leather from my stash, but I want to make things out of heavyweight leather.  Time to start collecting leather tools!

My first leatherworking tool: a round knife.

The other problem?  Yeah, so I’ve never actually made anything out of really heavyweight leather so there’s that whole learning curve thing ahead of me.  Luckily, I’m really used to being self-taught and trying things I’ve never done before (aka: almost the exact definition of my costuming career) so no big deal.  I’ll suck for awhile and then I won’t (fingers crossed).

Bridles from a friend to inspect, disassemble and use for parts.

I’m trying to get my hands on all sorts of leather items to see how they are made.  A friend gave me a pile of horse bridles to get me started.  I don’t *think* I’ll be making horse bridles, but I can see how the makers handled the leather and learn from their construction methods.

I’m creeping closer and closer to the day where I put in a big order for leather and I feel like it’s a big jump for my brand.  I am excited.  I am nervous.  But mostly I am excited because the worst thing that can happen here is my closet gets filled with a bunch of interesting leather pieces for me to wear.  NOT BAD.  The best thing that can happen here is all of YOUR closets get filled with my interesting leather pieces for YOU to wear.  NOT BAD AT ALL.


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Making Glovelettes

Have I mentioned I like accessories?  I want to make ALL THE ACCESSORIES.

For my prysm.break collection, I wanted to try my hand at a new hand accessory. Ha.


I thought a little tough glovelette would be fun. I’m really into leather accents right now, so I thought this would be a perfect addition to my prysm.break collection.

Sketching prysms onto my hand.

It took me a bit longer to get the pattern correct on this accessory than others. My dressforms don’t have hands, so I couldn’t drape the pattern.  Even if they did have hands, they wouldn’t move organically.  I needed to try the glovelette on myself to get an idea of what the glovelette would be like on a REAL LIVE HUMAN hand.  This meant I made lots of paper mockups and even more muslin mockups.  I made several fully finished glovelettes, complete with leather and hardware, before I got the pattern to be everything I wanted it to be.  Next challenge: finding fit models and grading the pattern up.  With every success, there’s a new challenge waiting to get tackled.

Perfecting patterns.

I’m pretty excited about this accessory pattern for a few reasons.  Mostly because it’s totally something I would wear: tough, unique, comfortable, leather.  Into it.

The prysm.break glovelette is really rad. Shocker.

My prysm.break collection drops into my online shop on FRIDAY!  My store will be at


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I am my own customer.

Part of my motivation and inspiration for my prysm.break collection was to create a microcollection where I, personally, want to wear all of the pieces on a regular basis.  While this is ends up being true for all of the collections that I create, I usually don’t set out with that in mind.  Of course I like all the things I make and want to wear them!  I’ve never sat down and designed with myself in mind as the customer and I found myself making different design decisions that I normally would.  I liked experiencing this new design process.  It felt very real.  Designing felt less like dreaming and more like creating something that would be worn and loved, because I knew at least I’d be wearing and loving all of these items.

prysm.break is a microcollection so I had to really edit my ideas to keep the numbers down.  (Most of my past collections have about 60+ one-of-a-kind garments and accessories in them!)  prsym.break has six items.  I wanted to keep it between five and ten really focused pieces that I could reproduce in several sizes, so I REALLY had to keep my brainstorming sessions in check.  One of the accessories that always made it into the edited lists of prysm.break accessories was a fringed scarf.  Since I was considering myself as the customer to design for, this was a no-brainer.  I love scarves and I love fringe and I knew I wanted to wear this one before I even finished making it.

Cutting jersey tube fringe.

Pinning the different layers of fringe and tassels in place.

Layered fringe on the prsym.break scarf.


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Red-Violet monoprismatic Items Available

Red-Violet monoprismatic items available for purchase now!

Red-Violet Coveralls: SOLD OUT

Red-Violet Hooded Satin Jacket Vest with Lace Detail

Red-Violet Sculpted Fabric Feather Headband

See all of Audio Helkuik available items at

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Violet monoprismatic Items Available

Violet monoprismatic items available for purchase now!

Violet Loose-Fit Button Up Top with Hanky Hem

Violet Top with Quilted Accents

Violet Shorts with Fringe

Violet Vinyl Vest with Gems and Fringe

Violet Flapper-style Fabric Feather & Fringe Headband

Violet Scarf

More items from monoprismatic coming soon!

All other Audio Helkuik items available at

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Blue-Violet monoprismatic Items Available

Blue-Violet monoprismatic items available for purchase now!

Blue-Violet Satin Winged & Studded Aviator

Blue-Violet Top with Quilted Accents

Blue-Violet Button Up Shirt with Satin Details

Blue-violet Silk Studded Bowtie

Blue-Violet Pleated Satin Pants

More items from monoprismatic coming soon!

All other Audio Helkuik items available at

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Blue monoprismatic Items Available

Blue monoprismatic items available for purchase now!

Blue Quilted Spaceage Neckpiece

Blue Sheer Top

Blue Diagonal Dash Leggings

Blue Velvet & Lace Vest

Blue Velvet Stewardess Fascinator

More items from monoprismatic coming soon!

All other Audio Helkuik items available at

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April Fool’s Day SALE!

It’s no joke! April Fool’s Day sale at using coupon code FOOLISH.

Today only! (4/1/13)

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