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Official Omaha Fashion Week Runway Illustrator


My new gig as Omaha Fashion Week’s official runway illustrator has been announced! Really excited about this opportunity to be involved with fashion week in a whole new way.

So far, I have already illustrated one look from each designer that will be showing at fashion week next week. And they look AWESOME.  I can’t show them to you yet because I don’t want to spoil the debuts of the designers’ clothing collections, but the illustrations turned out real, real good. (Also, I’ve seen the collections that will be shown at OFW and they also turned out real, real good!)  Printed cards of these hush-hush illustrations will be available for purchase at Omaha Fashion Week. I will be selling original artwork at a table at the event each night too so come say hi and look at my AHHHHHHT.

I’m planning on doing some on-site sketching. If you are pre-partying at the tent, I’ll be bouncing back and forth from my table to the platform models. LIVE MODELS! FASHION! ART!



Right now, I am taking orders for original illustrations straight from the Omaha Fashion Week runway.  If you are a designer, model, relative/friend/fan of a designer, or a local fashion and art lover, visit my shop to see the different illustration packages I have available. You can order just one piece of art or commission me to draw an entire collection!

Can you imagine the look on a designer’s face if an illustration from their own runway show was a congratulatory gift for them? Art is SUCH a good gift.  And what would be a better way to remember this red carpet event? Treat yo’self!


Watercolor and ink illustrations I created from looks at past fashion weeks. Designers: Kate WalzKate WalzBuf ReynoldsWallflower.


I am currently taking orders for illustrations for the upcoming Omaha Fashion Week’s fall 2015 shows. Please visit the OFW Illustration section in my shop to pre-order an original illustration and to see the illustration package options:
OFW Illustration Packages

You can also email me at if you’d like to talk about placing an order.


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Vivienne Westwood fall/winter 2015 illustrations

I still have the doodle bug (will I ever NOT?) so I drew more runway looks.  Here is a set of charcoal drawings I did of Vivienne Westwood’s fall/winter 2015 menswear collection.


Vivienne Westwood design drawn by Audio Helkuik


Vivenne Westwood design drawn by Audio Helkuik


Vivienne Westwood design drawn by Audio Helkuik


Vivienne Westwood designs drawn by Audio Helkuik



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Katie Eary fall/winter 2015 illustrations

I’ve really been in the mood to draw/sketch/doodle/etc lately.  I was drawn to Kate Eary’s fall/winter 2015 menswear collection, so I decided to illustrate a few of the runway looks.  The color palette was SO saturated I could not wait to bust out my Prismacolors!


Katie Eary designs illustrated by Audio Helkuik


Katie Eary designs illustrated by Audio Helkuik


Katie Eary designs illustrated by Audio Helkuik



Katie Eary designs illustrated by Audio Helkuik

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Surrounding myself with Art

I love having a house because having a house means I have walls!  And having walls means I can hang art!  Lots and lots of art!  My partner and I have some art hung up already, but not nearly enough.  We’ll have to have another art hanging spree this spring.

I think all the artwork that I have in my house really inspiring, so I thought it’d be fun to share them here piece by piece.

My BFF, Timm McKenny, gave me some paintings for my living room.  Here’s one of them:

Painting by Timm McKenny

It’s a decent sized painting  (2.5 x 4′ ish) and it was created with a loose painting style, which I love partly because it looks like it was painted with ease and partly because I rarely can paint this way.  The look of this piece feels casual and focused at the same time, sort of like Timm himself.  It’s nice having his work in my living room because he lives far away and I miss him.  If I can’t see Timm, at least I get to see his art!

Me with Timm’s painting in my living room.

Art makes me happy. And sleepy, apparently.

He gave me another painting that’s also in my living room. That one is a portrait and I ADORE it.  I’ll share that one later.

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My Childhood Masterpiece

Apparently, I have loved rainbows my whole life.  I found this watercolor painting in a box of my grade school artwork.  I think I was maybe 7 years old when I created this piece of art.  I don’t really remember painting it, but I am not surprised.

“untitled” by little kid Audio

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Painting Studio Planking

With my new in-house photo setup next to my painting studio, there’s been an invasion of dressforms amongst my canvases.

Inverse planking in my painting studio.


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Watercolor Wednesday pt. 2

The other week I posted about how I spent a whole day celebrating Watercolor Wednesday (which might be a thing I made up, but who cares).  I painted humans and animals, and I already posted the human paintings.  This week I’ll share the animals I painted.

They are quite anthropomorphic, but they are animals none-the-less.  A good friend of mine is really into foxes and friends, so he is collecting fox drawings from his friends to cover one of his apartment walls.  I painted these guys up and sent them his way.

“fox flasher”

“fox flasher” detail

“saturday morning cartoons”

“saturday morning cartoons” detail

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Making Multiples: Quilted Brains & Love Art

I almost always make completely one-of-a-kind art/clothing/accessories/etc.  I like figuring stuff out and trying something new, which usually means I try something new for every single project.

This one-of-a-kind model of creation is great, but I’ve been doing it for so long, I can feel myself getting antsy.  Essentially, it isn’t completely fulfilling my need to continue to try new things.

So, I tried something new:  I made more than one of something.

Brains & Love Wall Hanging

Brains & Love Wall Hanging

I’m not dabbling in mass production or anything, but I did create five or six of these adorable wall hangings.  I love them.  They are appliqued and quilted.  I liked the original challenge of figuring the layout, the freestyle embroidery for the brains, the fabrics, the applique stitching, etc.  Additionally, I enjoyed the challenge of creating the item again and again.

Appliqued textile art.

Appliqued textile art.

Freestyle embroidered brains. Just like in real life, the brains differ slightly from skull to skull.

Freestyle embroidered brains. Just like in real life, each brain differs slightly.

I’ve put these adorable wall-hangings from my ‘making multiples’ challenge up for sale in my shop.  They look great on a range of wall colors (I’ve got quite the color palette in house, and I didn’t find a wall it looked bad on), and they make great gifts!  Shop here:

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Francis Bacon Coveralls

When I was in the middle of making some fuschia denim coveralls for my monoprismatic clothing collection, I would just hang them up over a door in my studio. Whenever I walked by these half-finished coveralls, they reminded me of a Francis Bacon painting. They didn’t resemble the mood of the painting, but the shapes and composition just kept making me visualize his art. No offense to Mr. Bacon, but his “Figure with Meat” is one of my least favorite paintings ever.  Raw meat totally freaks me out.  So I quick finished up the coveralls so I wouldn’t have to picture raw meat whenever I walked by the Francis Bacon-esque art installation in my studio.  However, I did whip up this visual comparison for you:

Francis Bacon vs. Audio Helkuik


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Gifting my dad with fashion: illustrations

My dad is the kind of guy who would probably never ever put on any of the clothing that I make. But he loves and supports me (Thanks, Dad!).  He always hints at wanting SOMETHING from my collections, but I know better than whipping up a custom circus-Dad outfit for him.  If I did that, we all know he’d have to try to pull off a stellar performance of forced-polite-face when he opened it and then it would be forever unworn.  Instead, I surprised him last year for Christmas with a series of illustrations featuring my clothing.

It was cute to watch him open them because he always tries to be so stoic, but he was pretty pumped about them.  He even busted them out and wrangled someone into helping him parade them around any time a visitor stopped by.  Now they are hanging up in his house. illustrations


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