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Photos from Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2013

I spent a few evenings helping out at Omaha Fashion Week last weekend.  Here’s a few shots from my time there.

First I arrived by bike:

If you are a winter bicyclist, you can get a rockstar parking spot on a bit of sunshine at fashion week.

Then I headed backstage:

Menswear brand christianMICHEAL always imports a herd of hunky models from the designer’s city of Kansas City, MS.

I popped up to the front of house for a bit to see some friends from the Omaha fashion world:

DJ Lauren J rolling out the tunes for the runway.


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Backstage Photos from Dillon Gitano

Dillon Gitano is a fantastic on-site event photographer.  He brings a great combination of charisma and calm to each event that allows people to feel comfortable and confident in front of his lens.  Here are some shots he took of my models backstage at Omaha Fashion Week.

Clothing: monoprismatic collection by Audio Helkuik
Model: Symieon Harrison
Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Clothing: monoprismatic collection by Audio Helkuik
Model: Aaron Steward
Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Clothing: monoprismatic collection by Audio Helkuik
Model: Dawaune Hayes
Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Clothing: monoprismatic collection by Audio Helkuik
Model: Domy Alai
Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Clothing: monoprismatic collection by Audio Helkuik
Model: Nick Watson
Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Clothing: monoprismatic collection by Audio Helkuik
Model: Chikadibia Ebirim
Makeup: Sirens at the Loft

Dillon Gitano Photography:


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Backstage Glasses Disaster

There’s always some sort of disaster backstage at a fashion show.  Same goes for a theater performance.  Even though I always pack an emergency sewing kit, sometimes the mishaps are beyond what my sewing kit can handle.  A disaster of this non-sewing nature happened to me at Omaha Fashion Week this year.  I had planned for all of my models to wear a pair of oversized glasses on the runway.  I talk about they were tedious to create here.  Since each pair had quite a bit of time invested in them, I didn’t make any extras. (Oh, regrets!)

So, when a pair of these glasses snapped right in half shortly before my models were supposed to lineup to go out on the runway, all of my experience dealing with backstage theater emergencies rushed forward and I went into hardcore theater mode.  I started flying through this list immediately:

1) Determine the situation’s WORST CASE SCENARIO and start coming to terms with that, just in case it is reality. (Also, make sure you actor/model is focusing on THEIR job and not getting caught up in a guilt/apology cycle.)

2) Assess the damage.

3) Sift through all supplies/tools on hand.

4) Brainstorm all supplies/tools that could be acquired QUICKLY.

5) Disperse all hands on deck to start taking action.


For this, the worst case scenario was we’d be short one pair of glasses. Or one model would wear a regular pair of prescription glasses that didn’t match the others.  In reality, really not TOO horrible of a situation. In the moment of panic after months of months of prepping for this, it felt like a bigger deal.

We tried the standard masking tape over the broken bridge of the glasses like the classic nerd-style,which would’ve worked okay with my collection’s theme but tape didn’t hold.  I sent my partner out for Super Glue, and that didn’t work either.  (Although I can cross “Super glue your fingers to a pair of broken, handmade glasses” off my bucket list. And then maybe make a cooler bucket list.)  This is when another model pointed out that the pair of frames that I was wearing that night didn’t have lenses and could used as part of the solution.  We located some black stretchy elastic thread from another backstage designer and started strapping the two broken pieces onto my lens-less frames. It looked like a sad, haggard mess of a repair when you were up close, but at that point it was time to throw the glasses on the model and step up to send models out onto the runway.

Assess the damage: Yep. Totally broken.

The “beautiful” result of a last minute backstage repair.

That elastic thread is hard to handle in the dark!

A close-up of the chaos.

Strapped down and sent out on the runway.

I am so committed to great craftsmanship, clean stitching, high quality, etc, that this was really hard for me to put on the runway in front of an audience!  Luckily, I really only had about 12 seconds to hesitate and then I had no other choice!  Although, I will admit that I’m pretty impressed with the overall result.  I asked a few friends that were out in the audience if they noticed and not even one of them had a clue.  And, check out this photo from g thompson higgins gallery!  The model looks amazing and you’d never know there had been this huge flurry of repair brainstorming going on minutes before my models stepped out on the runway.  (Except for the fact that I blogged all about it…..)  There are definitely no hard feelings between me and the model.  He was assured MANY times of that fact, and he looked great on the runway even with a pair of makeshift glasses.  Actually, I suspect his were far more comfortable than the other models’ anyways.

Photographer: g thompson higgins gallery
Model: Nolan Nuzum
Hair/Makeup: Sirens at the Loft


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Backstage at Omaha Fashion Week 2012

Last night I had my Omaha Fashion Week runway show. I showed on the Avant Garde themed night, and the the whole experience was great.  I’ll probably do a few more blog posts about it, but for now, I just wanted to share a few of my favorite moments from backstage.

Bright, rainbow-ish flowers from my Grandma. Alot of my family drove down to see my show. They’re my number one fans, for sure.

My partner doing some work backstage in front of my rainbow-filled rack.

Lining models up to head out to the runway: the front of the rainbow….

And…..the back of the rainbow!

Showing this collection was just so fun. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much yesterday.  Rainbows make me REALLY happy.

Runway photos to come soon!


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Backstage at Omaha Fashion Week spring 2012

Omaha Fashion Week spring 2012 just happened.  It was awesome.  I’ve been busy doing some costuming projects, so I opted not to show a collection at this fashion week.  However, I have a lot of backstage experience and I happened to have the week free, so I volunteered to work backstage all week.

Omaha Fashion Magazine spring 2012 edition

Backstage there’s a constant buzz of models continually of getting dressed, styled, touched up, and accessorized. It’s just hours and hours of this each night.

Backstage, I saw some really fantastic hair and makeup.  I loved watching Kirby Nostradamus Keomysay’s avant garde hair pieces on Donna Faye Couture’s models.  I love when things are over-the-top.  He’s famous for his crazy hairpieces that he created to win Hair Battle Spectacular on the Oxygen Channel.  For Omaha Fashion Week, he put one of the Donna Faye models in a wig/hairpiece/headpiece/whatever that was probably taller than me.  Granted, I’m tiny elf-sized…..but that’s still alot of hair!  It was funny to watch them try to quickly dismantle it afterwards to relieve the neckpain.  After the giant, heavy hair was off her head, the stylists gave her a long scalp massage while she sat in her undies trying to recuperate a bit.  This model is a champ.

Model: Makayla Torrez
Hair: Kirby Nostradamus Keomysay

One of the special guests that Omaha Fashion Week hosted was Jerell Scott.  He’s a designer from L.A. that has been on Project Runway and Project Runway Allstars.  I’ll admit it, I don’t watch the show, so I didn’t have a chance to be starstruck by his celebrity presence.  But, I did enjoy meeting him and chatting.  Cool guy.  He’s self-taught and his attitude about making things happen by going out there and MAKING things happen was good. He doesn’t sit around and wish.  He does stuff.  That’s cool.

Jerell Scott talks to Omaha designers.

After he talked to the group I chatted with Jerell a bit about the menswear market.  He gave me some ideas about where I could find some receptive markets.  He was super easy to talk to.

Audio Helkuik and Jerell Scott

There were so many great things at OFW Spring 2012, and that’s not even taking all the great collections into account. I got to see Princess Lasertron’s final clothing collection up close.  Leah Casper had a crazy cool black-on–black line with hoop skirts and bloomers and lace.  Nuevintage Apparel had suh-weet runway show on Saturday.  I loved Loved LOVED christianMICHEAL’s menswear collection.  So much happened in just a few days.  So much exhaustion.  So much enthusiasm.   Have I mentioned that I love Omaha?

Red carpet shot after working backstage at Omaha Fashion Week spring 2012.



I mentioned some designers and stylists.  Go look at their schtuff:

Kirby Nostradamus Keomysay:

Jerell Scott:

Princess Lasertron:

Leah Casper:


christianMICHEAL menswear:


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