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“31 Days…” Day 23: Dino Bride

This costume COULD be called “Bride-zilla” but I was feeling friendly and not monster-ish today, so I went with “Dino Bride.”  I thought I’d throw another girlish costume (bride) into the mix for my costume challenge.  Then went ahead and did what I normally do and infused a healthy dose of weird/randomness into the costume and ended up at this.  I love it.  “RAWR….i do.”

Day 23: Dino Bride

Turns out, I LOVE wedding veils.  Well, I might like ALL veils…..but this is the first one I’ve worn, so I can’t be sure.  I was fluttering around the costume studio with my veil today and I told my students “So….veils are kind of like superhero capes, but PRETTY!”

Dino Bride details: dinosaur hat, veil, lace, pearls, white satin booty-bow, wedding ring bling, bouqet.

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