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“31 Days…” Day 23: Snow Bunny

Today I was a snow bunny!

Warning: if you google image search “snow bunny” with the safe search off, it’s JUST boobs and boobs and boobs intermixed with a few actual bunnies. Just something I learned today.

Day 23: Snow Bunny


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“31 Days…” Day 19: Bunny Boy Scout

I love to layer garments to create outfits when I’m getting dressed.  Turns out, I also love to layer concepts when I get into costume.  I couldn’t decide between being a bunny or a boy scout so I thought, “Heck, I’ll be BOTH!”   While it confused some people, (TWO COSTUMES AT ONCE?! WHAT?! DOES NOT COMPUTE!) I thought the blend made a way cooler costume.

Day 19: Bunny Boy Scout

My BFF is getting married this weekend, so I spent my day with his friends and family.  Most people in that crowd didn’t even ask why I was in costume.  Either they read my blog (“Hello Timm’s friends & fam!”) or this is considered typical behavior for him & his buddies….?

Bunny Boy Scout details: scarf, sash, buttons, patches, Boy Scout shirt, bunny tail (booty shot!), bunny ears, bunny makeup.

Since my BFF is getting married this weekend, we had his bachelor party today.  He’s REALLY into old cars and hotrods, so we all spent the day at a hotrod museum so he could geek out.  While I can geek out a tiny bit about hot rods, I can’t do it as much as him.  I kept catching myself spacing off during our tour and getting distracted by shiny things (yeah…..I’m one of those types).  So, I started playing the “Bunny Faces in Shiny Things” game.  Photo proof at how good I am at this game:

“Bunny Faces in Shiny Things”


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