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Fashion Spread in The Encounter (jan/feb 2015)

Omaha stylist, Nicholas Wasserberger, is doing some seriously phenomenal work.  I love when he requests my pieces for any of his upcoming photoshoots because I know I’m going to turn into the heart-eyed emoji when I see the final fashion spread in print.

Yesterday I got the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of The Encounter and Nicholas has done it again.  I have the heart-shaped eyes to prove it.


Encounter jan/feb 2015 fashion spread featuring Audio Helkuik blue-violet pleated satin pants.


Encounter jan/feb 2015 fashion spread:

Photography: Bill Sitzmann

Stylist: Nicholas Wasserberger

Hair & Makeup: Sandy Butt, Victor/Victoria Salon & Spa

Model: Jordyn

Clothing/Accessories: Audio Helkuik, Hello Holiday, Wallflower Artisan Collective and stylist’s own



To view/purchase my blue-violet pleated satin pants: 



Links to other wardrobe pieces:

Hello Holiday

Wallflower Artisan Collective


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“Catch the Bus”

I finally got my hands on the March/April 2014 issue of The Encounter!!!!!  I’ve been looking forward to this issue for quite some time!  Some Audio Helkuik garments from the monoprismatic collection were featured in the fashion spread which was styled by Nicholas Wasserberger.  He paired the bright outfits with bold jewelry from Cibola’s in the Old Market.  I drool over the jewelry they have at Cibola’s all the time.  It’s one of the few places where I enjoy window shopping.  Turquoise in excess is always a good idea!  I couldn’t wait to see how Nicholas styled their jewelry with my clothing.

Excited to have a hard copy in my hands!

March/April 2014 issue of The Encounter.

“Catch the Bus”

Model wearing monoprismatic garments draped in turquoise.

Cibola’s jewelry paired with Audio Helkuik clothing.

Beautiful bus ride.

“Catch the Bus”

The Encounter

March/April 2014

Photographer: Bill Sitzman

Model: Jordyn Ridner

Clothing: Audio Helkuik

Jewelry: Cibola’s of Omaha

Hair & Makeup: Hilary and Melissa at Sirens

Styling: Nicholas Wasserberger

Grateful to be part of this fashion feature! Nicholas Wasserberger makes Omaha look good.

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prysm.break collection is online!

Today is the day! My microcollection titled prysm.break made it’s online debut on my all NEW online store!

Shop prysm.break at

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I started taking my own product photos for my etsy shop a few months ago. I feel silly when I think about how much of my work week is spent dressing and undressing fake humans, but someone’s gotta do it!  Even if I get real good at it, adding “Professional Undresser” onto my resume seems kind of like a bad idea.

undressing . . . .

Blue-Violet Pleated Satin Pants available at


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Red-Violet monoprismatic Items Available

Red-Violet monoprismatic items available for purchase now!

Red-Violet Coveralls: SOLD OUT

Red-Violet Hooded Satin Jacket Vest with Lace Detail

Red-Violet Sculpted Fabric Feather Headband

See all of Audio Helkuik available items at

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Violet monoprismatic Items Available

Violet monoprismatic items available for purchase now!

Violet Loose-Fit Button Up Top with Hanky Hem

Violet Top with Quilted Accents

Violet Shorts with Fringe

Violet Vinyl Vest with Gems and Fringe

Violet Flapper-style Fabric Feather & Fringe Headband

Violet Scarf

More items from monoprismatic coming soon!

All other Audio Helkuik items available at

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DIY-ish Clothing Labels

I’ve had “Order New Clothing Labels” on my to-do list for forever.  I put it off for so long because I know what I’ve had in the past and I know what I DON’T want, but I don’t necessarily know what I want.  Until I figure that out exactly, here’s another stop along the way: the DIY-ish label made from custom printed fabric from Spoonflower.  I consider them DIY-ish because it FELT like a DIY project because of all the stuff I did but I guess I didn’t print the fabric myself.  So, DIY-ish….?

What I love about these labels: very economical, able to make small orders, easy to change the design with each order, totally custom.  What I don’t love: they are printed (instead of woven), there’s several steps involved to turn them into labels, they either have raw edges or serged edges (or tediously folded and pressed edges).

Here are the steps I did to create my clothing labels:

WIth my freshly opened package from Spoonflower.

First I designed the labels using Photoshop.  I have zero pictures of this because the process was mostly me with RAGEFACE grabbing and shaking my laptop screen in frustration.  After I sorted through all that computer design, I ordered a yard of fabric from Spoonflower with my uploaded image.  I designed two different labels, but had them repeated within the same yard.  One label has my brand and website on one side and laundering instructions on the other.  The second label has the garment size on one side and a little sketch of me on the other, because why not?

Audio Helkuik Labels

I prewashed and dried the fabric and then pressed it to get ready for the next step.

Cut & serged.

Next I cut the strips of the labels apart and serged the edges.  I wasn’t sure if I would like the look of this but decided to try it out on this round of labels to find out.  They look kinda DIY, but I’m kinda into that so it’s totally cool.

Stacked and ready.

I clipped all the labels apart and organized them by laundering instructions (four different phrases) and garment sizes (five sizes).

Front of first tag: audio helkuik,

I already started using them in my upcoming collection, prysm.break.  Here are the labels sewn into a tank from prysm.break.

Back of first tag: machine wash cold, hang to dry. Front of size tag: S.

While I don’t necessarily love that I have to use two separate tags, it’s the only way I could feasibly have a zillion different size/laundering instruction combos without giving myself a mega headache. Plus, it gave me a space to put a little happy Audio waving hi!


Price was a huge factor in my label decision-making process.  I looked at a million really cool labels from clothing label companies, but most of them were pretty pricy AND you had to make really large volume orders.  Since I’m still deciding what exactly I want in a label, I didn’t want to commit to thousands and thousands of one label right now.  With this method, I got about 220 of each style, so around 440 labels total.  I think I paid $20-ish including shipping, so it was a reeeeeeeeally affordable option.

I’m definitely not the first to make labels this way.  I have seen some tutorials on it before. Here are two blog tutorials that I read:

See Kate Sew:

Little Kids Grow:

To create your own labels (or any custom designed fabric) on Spoonflower’s website:


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Blue-Violet monoprismatic Items Available

Blue-Violet monoprismatic items available for purchase now!

Blue-Violet Satin Winged & Studded Aviator

Blue-Violet Top with Quilted Accents

Blue-Violet Button Up Shirt with Satin Details

Blue-violet Silk Studded Bowtie

Blue-Violet Pleated Satin Pants

More items from monoprismatic coming soon!

All other Audio Helkuik items available at

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Blue monoprismatic Items Available

Blue monoprismatic items available for purchase now!

Blue Quilted Spaceage Neckpiece

Blue Sheer Top

Blue Diagonal Dash Leggings

Blue Velvet & Lace Vest

Blue Velvet Stewardess Fascinator

More items from monoprismatic coming soon!

All other Audio Helkuik items available at

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Blue-green monoprismatic Items Available

Blue-green monoprismatic items available for purchase now!

Teal Lace Crop Top Shirt with High Low Hem

Teal Cowl Top 

Teal Sheer Crop Top with High-Low Hem

Teal Slouch Shrug

Teal Pleated Shorts

More items from monoprismatic coming soon!

All other Audio Helkuik items available at

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