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Customizing my World

DIY illustrated pumpkin coffee cup for my pumpkin cafe au lait.

If it can be customized, I’ll want to customize it.

This cute cup actually made my coffee taste better.


This cute cup made me smile every time I saw it, so my day was spent in a happier state of mind. With this uplifted spirit, my coffee seemed extra tasty.

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Studio Workday Coffee

I’m slowly becoming a coffee drinker. VERY SLLLOOOOOWWLLY. I’ve been trying for years.  I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine, so I’ve had to build up a tolerance.  Just a couple of years ago, if I drank a cup of coffee in the beginning of the day, I’d STILL be up till 5 or 6 am and I’d feel like I was on speed all day/night. Or crack. Or whatever drug makes you feel like everything is happening fast and slow at the same time while you’re brain has turned upside down and your eyeballs are stuck open.

Anyways, I’ve finally found a way to drink a bit of coffee while I work in my studio that is more helpful than hurtful towards my workday.

I make weak coffee and chill it in the fridge. (My favorite brand: Beansmith Coffee)

Then I add in a bunch of milk and a splash of flavored creamer (usually a large splash).

Lastly, I add decaf coffee ice cubes.

It’s excruciatingly hot outside right now, so I’m all about iced drinks.  Since I get distracted by my work and I’m a sipper, not a gulper,  it often takes me awhile to finish a cup. The decaf ice cubes are great because when I start drinking my coffee, it will be fully caffeinated.  When I finish my cup, some of the ice has melted and I get more of a halfsies sort of level, which is good because by then I’m probably already slightly jittery.

I told you…’s been a slllllow process becoming a coffee drinker.


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