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Cute Face.

I ended up in one of the photos while taking product shots of the blue garments from my monoprismatic collection.  My latest go-to pose for photos is called “Cute Face Pose.”

Cute Face Pose.


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New Website!

I moved my blog from over to here (here, meaning where you are RIGHT NOW) at so I could turn into a showcase of my creative work.  It includes my past clothing collections and a bit of the theater costume work that I’ve done.  I’ve been working on it real hard. Here are some screenshots from the homepage.  Feel free to explore the site & see what there is to see:

I’m in love with that header image above.  It’s just awesome.


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Audio’s Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2013 Red Carpet Looks

In the recap of my 2012 Omaha Fashion Week appearances, I mentioned that I was going to try to get red carpet photos at every runway show I went to this spring.

I attended three of the five nights of shows this week, but only got red carpet photos at two of them. So, kind of a failure, but also kind of a success.  Balance is important, guys.

On the red carpet for the Hair, Makeup & Accessories show. (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)

GASP! Sneak peek alert! Wearing my new favorite accessory at the accessories runway show. It’s a bowtie that’s part of an upcoming collection called prysm.break. (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)

There’s a set of missing red carpet pictures from a night I was busy working backstage and spaced off going to the front of house and posing.  Just imagine: me bundled up in pretty much ALL of my winter gear including a calf-length down puffy coat, giant mittens, a wool scarf, and a stocking hat. I was heavily layered up for my wintery bike ride to fashion week only to arrive to a chilly tented backstage area where I remained in my head-to-toe cold weather gear.  The look would have been pretty humorous on the red carpet, so I’m pretty bummed I forgot about it.

On the red carpet for the final runway show of Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2013. (Photo Credit: Herb Thompson)

(Photo Credit: Herb Thompson)


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Audio’s Omaha Fashion Week 2012 Red Carpet Looks

As I’m getting pumped up for the upcoming Omaha Fashion Week runway shows that are happening all week next week, I’m reminded of all the shows I saw last August.  I’ve shared a ton of images of the collection I showed at these runway shows, but I never shared pictures of myself attending the runway events.  Here are a few photos taken last August’s Omaha Fashion Week:

Omaha World Herald reporter Cara Pesak, DJ Lauren J., Artist/Designer Dan Richters, Designer Buf Reynolds, and myself enjoying a runway show intermission together.  (Photo Credit: Herb Thompson)


I forgot to get my pic snapped on the red carpet for several of the shows last time.  I’m always so focused on other things like people watching, analyzing the designs on the runway, discussing the collections with other local designers.  I will always prefer to go out and see things, rather than go out to be seen.  I’m going to have to remind myself to ham it up on the red carpet this time!

Dan Richters and I watching the runway.  (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)


This was snapped on the red carpet on the night of my runway show.  (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)


On the runway after presenting my monoprismatic collection.  (Photo credit: g thompson higgins photography)


My 1920’s inspired look for the evening wear show at Omaha Fashion Week 2012.


Suited up for the red carpet.  (Photo credit: Herb Thompson)


On the runway at August 2012 Omaha Fashion Week Finale Runway Show.  (Photo credit: Pierre Kenal Louis Photography)


While I’m not showing any clothing collections next week, I will be working backstage for several of the shows.  The runway side of these events are always fun to watch, but the backstage buzz can be quite exciting too!

Omaha Fashion Week is February 26 through March 2nd.  See the designer lineup and schedule here:


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Why I like handmade things…

People like handmade items for a lot of different reasons.  I like them for a lot of reasons, too.  Whether it is a gift from a friend, an outfit I made for myself, something I create for my home, or an item I purchase from another maker, I like handmade things for one main reason, though.

Handmade things take time. The skills required to make them take time to master.  The design process, the supply sourcing, the actual construction/production… all takes TIME.

I just finished listening to the The 5 Love Languages while sewing up some gifts and I learned that my love language is quality time.  This means that giving time is a big deal to me.  Also, getting someone else’s time is a big deal.  When people give me quality time, I feel loved.

I know if I’m creating a gift for someone I know, I spend most of that time thinking about that person: What colors do they like?  What textures are they into?  What face will they make when they open the gift?  Do they prefer functional gifts or decorative items?  I think about them throughout the entire design process.  To me, the act of creating a handmade thing is more about the love I have for the person than it is about the item.   I am giving them so much of my time.  I am showing them how much I care for them.

If I am creating a garment to put up for sale online, then I wonder about the person who will eventually by it.  I start imagining this mystery person and wonder what kind of interesting life they are living.  I think about what great adventures/ideas/experiences they will have while wearing the garment I am constructing.  A lot of my time is spent thinking about the people I sell to.  I care more about the bodies I cover than the garments themselves.  All I want to do is help people feel brave and loved, and designing and creating handmade clothing is one way I do this.

I like handmade things.  They take TIME, and to me, TIME = LOVE.



(**Disclaimer: The 5 Love Languages is a book filled with good info that can be applied to all the relationships in your life, but it’s written in a SUPER heteronormative manner & really only addresses husband-wife model of relationship.  I wouldn’t want to recommend a book that isn’t queer-friendly without giving a heads up.)


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