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“31 Days…” Day 15: Audio Doll

You know those party poopers on Halloween that hate to dress up and when you ask them what their costume is they’re all “Uhhh, I’m just dressed up as myself….?” as if that counted AT ALL as a costume. But then I started thinking, “Could you dress up as yourself AND have it count as a costume???”

Challenge accepted!

Today I uhhh, just dressed up as myself. Well, the doll version of me. But definitely myself!

Day 15: Audio Doll

Okay so it helps that I’m already a walking cartoon/parody/caricature of myself anyways….so I just amplified it. Success. You CAN answer with “Uhhhhh, I’m just dressed up as myself…?” and have it count as a costume BUT you gotta put a little effort in it.

And yes that’s a mop on my head.


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“31 Days…” Day 13: Ventriloquist Dummy

I started out my day in Omaha.  There was a zombie walk and a zombie prom planned for here today. But, I spent my evening in Des Moines because my partner’s band, Violent Fade, had a show at a zombie fest/party/thing. In addition to this zombie fest/party/thing I went to, Des Moines had a zombie walk today, too.  ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE!

So, when I was deciding what to wear today for a costume, I thought “Ah! A zombie seems like the logical choice!”  However, logic does not rule my world.

Day 13: Ventriloquist Dummy

Sure, sure. I could’ve been a zombie dummy, but no.  I’m just not into zombies.  And, I don’t really like dressing up as scary things.  The ventriloquist dummy costume is creepy enough as is. Every time I saw my face today I was like “Ah! I’m kinda creepy!”

Ventriloquist Dummy details: white shirt, bowtie, suspenders, slacks, dress shoes, dummy makeup.

While I was waiting for Violent Fade to play tonight, I walked out of the music venue and bumped into a little kid. She saw my face and was totally spooked. However, this kid was dressed like a zombie with blood dripping down her face, so when I saw HER face, I was totally spooked!  So, I guess we’re even.


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“31 Days…” Day 9: Doll

This is the GIRLIEST outfit I have ever worn in my life.  I’m almost sure of it. Pink, lace, ruffles, frills, ribbon, makeup, bows……yep–this is DEFINITELY a costume.

It’s also definitely a cute costume.

Day 9: Doll

I figured if I was going to wear 31 costumes in a row, maybe I could sprinkle a few extremely girly ones into the mix.  (I do love the ruffle socks look, though. Who knew?!)  And besides, the pink ruffle little kid dress is straight out of my closet.  And I wear it regularly. And I like it alot.  I’ve just never dressed it up with white lace and puffy sleeves, so it LOOKS like a different dress that I wouldn’t like at all. (Ahem, THE POWER OF LAYERING AND ACCESSORIZING!)

Doll details: pink ruffled dress, ruffled bloomers, hair bow, dollface makeup, puff sleeve shirt, white tights, ruffled socks, Maryjane-esque shoes.

Once I watched my makeup artists do a bazillion faces of doll makeup for a fashion/theatrical production I was part of. I figured if I watched them do this a bazillion times in a row, maybe I could figure out how to do doll makeup once on my own?  Remember, I’m a makeup rookie, so I pretty much think of makeup as fingerpaint for my face.  The dollface wasn’t so hard though. I paled out my lips and face a bit, used lip stain as blush (it totally doesn’t stain your face, which I’m always surprisingly disappointed by), drew on a few bottom lashes and finally made some small puckered lips with lipstick.

AND….bonus! This outfit make me want to dance and twirl around all day long! But, I probably say (or at least think) that about every costume. I might just want to dance and twirl around every day…..? But THIS day I would’ve looked extra cute and girly as I twirled!


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