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New Studio “Chalkboard”

I was reading something awhile ago and there was this quote in it that had quite an impact on me. I wanted to put up in my studio for awhile to see a reminder of whatever this quote said.

(Note: this blog post is not about this vague, unmentioned quote.)

I have a corkboard in my studio, and normally I’d just scribble a quote down and pin it up.  Lately, the corkboard is overflowing with inspiration/reference images for a collection that I’m scheming on in my head.  The quote would definitely get lost in that visual overload.

I decided that a chalkboard would be cool, so I could change the quote/phrase/reminder at will.  I don’t actually have a chalkboard, but I am resourceful.  I found my pile of vinyl records that served as decorations in an old apartment.  I painted the center of one black and grabbed my sidewalk chalk. Easy!  In fact, it was so easy and exciting that once I figured out that it’d work, I immediately scribbled down one of my favorite Alice in Wonderland quotes (and promptly forgot the original quote that inspired this whole chalkboard project).

My vinyl record chalkboard hanging up in my sewing studio.

“The time has come,” the Walrus said . . .


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