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“31 Days…” Day 31: Tree

It is Halloween.

It is the very last day of My “31 Days of Halloween” costume challenge.

I am a tree.

Day 31: Tree

Tree details: nest hair, perched bird, ear leaves, tree makeup, brown clothes, green cowls, leaves.

My partner, Cam, knows how much I LOVE Halloween, so he took the day off of work and drove up to visit me. He even came in costume! (He hates wearing costumes. THIS IS A BIG DEAL.)

Tree-huggin’ Lumberjack + Tree = Halloween Love

I even found outfits for my pups that matched ours! Lumberjack-pup and Tree-pup! Halloween family!!!

Halloween pups: Tree-pup and Lumberjack-pup



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“31 Days…” Day 30: Mullet

Business in the front. Party in the back.

Day 30: Mullet

I giggled at myself all day long.  This costume is seriously hilarious.

Mullet details: dress slacks, button up shirt, tie, blazer, fedora, CRAZY PARTY ITEMS (feather boas, sequins, tutu, bright wig, bow, jewels, leis, etc).


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“31 Days…” Day 29: Harriet the Spy

“Golly says if I want to be a writer then I’d better start now. Which is why I am a SPY.” 

Day 29: Harriet the Spy


Harriet M. Welsch: I want to remember everything. And I want to know everything. 
Golly: Well, you must realize, Harriet, knowing everything won’t do you a bit of good unless you use it to put beauty in this world. True or false? 
Harriet M. Welsch: True. 
Golly: Of course it is. 

Harriet the Spy was one of my FAVORITE movies when I was a kid. It’s also one of my FAVORITE movies today.  It’s about Harriet M. Welsch.  She’s an 11 year old kid who throws on her spy gear every day afterschool and spies on people in her community.  Then she writes all about what she sees in her notebook.  Harriet is focused, passionate, independent, curious.  I wanted to BE her and also be her friend when I was little.  She also has a really great mentor in the movie.  Her nanny, Golly (played by Rosie O’Donnell), walks around with her head held high while spouting little life lessons. Love her.

Harriet the Spy details: oversized yellow raincoat, spygear: binoculars, magnifying glass, flashlight, spy notebook marked “PRIVATE.”

So the movie Harriet the Spy is based on a book.  CONFESSION: I have never read the book.  I don’t know why.  I’m sure it’s 8 zillion shades of amazing, but I just haven’t…..yet.


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“31 Days…” Day 28: Punchline

What’s black and white and red all over?

Day 28: Punchline


Punchline (Sunburnt Zebra) details: black & white striped EVERYTHING, “hooves,” feather boa mane, sunburnt zebra makeup, ears, sunglasses, beach towel, fringe tail.

I was a little concerned about doing the makeup for this one.  It’s TWO makeup concepts at once, and I haven’t done either one of them before.  Normally, I just kind of wing it when it comes to makeup, but I was worried I’d end up with a black/white/grey/red/pink mess if I didn’t have a gameplan for this one.  I sketched up this little makeup chart to follow.  It’s nothing fancy, but it saved me the time and makeup of doing a test run. Hurray for planning!

Sunburnt Zebra makeup chart


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“31 Days…” Day 27: Bear Secretary

I found this cool/weird vest and skirt combo outfit at work.  It’s made out of a nubby brown faux fur.



Of course, I immediately tried it on.  My first thought was, “I feel like a curvy bear.” My second thought, “This outfit NEEDS a secretary blouse.”  Boom: costume concept.

Day 27: Bear Secretary

I’m not as curvalicious as Miss Joan Holloway from Mad Men, but I feel like I channelled a bit of her polite-smiled sass while wearing this secretary outfit. She’s one of my TV heroes.

Bear Secretary details: vintage hat, bear ears, bear makeup, cateye glasses, secretary blouse, faux fur vest/skirt combo, bear tail.


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“31 Days…” Day 26: Dionne from Clueless

I watched Clueless last night with my kid sister. That movie cracks me up so much. I couldn’t help myself–I just HAD to dress up like one of the Clueless characters.  I went with Di.  She rocks.

Who is Dionne?  First, if you haven’t yet, WATCH CLUELESS.  That’s just advice for life, right there.  Get all your friends together for a slumber party, make some snacks and enjoy.

Dionne Davenport: She’s rich.  She’s fashion forward. She’s very 1995.  (Played by Stacey Dash in the movie. Best friends with Cher, played by Alicia Silverstone.)

Day 26: Dionne from Clueless

I LOVED this outfit. I would’ve totally been friends with Di & Cher if I had been old enough to be in high school in 1995, if I had been rich/cool enough for them to want to hang with me, if I befriended snobby girls at all, and if they were not fictional characters.  So…..there’s a few things keeping me from being best friends with Dionne. In the meantime, I will adore her clothes and wear them as costumes.

Dionne from Clueless details: jacket & skirt, thigh high stockings, Maryjanes, hat with bow & flower, cellular.

Now for some classic Di quotes:

“Well, at least I wouldn’t skin a Collie to make my backpack.”

“Is Josh giving you shit because he’s going through his post-adolescent idealistic phase?”

“Not a total betty, but a vast improvement.”

“Excuse me?! I do not wear polyester hair, okay?!!!”

“My man is SAT-TIS-FIED. He’s got no cause for complaints. But, technically, I am a virgin.”

“No, no, no, no. When I get married, I’m gonna have a sailor dress, but it’s going to be a gown, and all my bridesmaids are gonna wear sailor hats… with veils.”

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“31 Days…” Day 25: Princess Ballerina Goose

So…..if I wasn’t so random and awkward, this costume would be “Swan Princess.” That’s what most people guessed what I was today.  That would be cute. That would make sense.

But my brain is not cute and logical.  A prissy, girly goose seemed like the right choice when I was putting this together, and I’m sticking with it.

I am Princess Ballerina Goose.

Day 25: Princess Ballerina Goose

I loved my Church Sunday Duck costume so much, I wanted to dress up like another fancy water bird this month.  I might like birds. Or, I might like to dress as birds. (Let’s hope it’s not a phase. BIRD OUTFITS 4 LYFE!)

Princess Ballerina Goose details: lace shirt, feather boa, sequin sweater, goose makeup, princess tiara, pink tights, pink shoes, pink bloomers.



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“31 Days…” Day 24: Fairy Ninja

THIS.  COSTUME.   I love it so much!

I’m pretty sure this Fairy Ninja costume is an accurate visual representation of my personality: TOUGH and FLUTTERY at the same time!  This costume is so perfect.

And check it out, my picture ended up having a sweet fairy glow around my sweet fairy wings. (Oooh…..Ahhhh….)

Day 24: Fairy Ninja

I’m not used to having wings, so I had all sorts of mishaps with them today: I smacked one of my students in the face, I got caught on a cabinet and had to get rescued by a student, and I hit EVERY doorway I went through.  All the trouble that these unfamiliar wings caused throughout the day was worth it because I got to bike in WINGS.

Winged bike rides = the best bike rides.


Fuschia glitterbrows = the best brows

Fairy Ninja details: ninja headband, black outfit, fuschia glitterbrows, wings.


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“31 Days…” Day 23: Dino Bride

This costume COULD be called “Bride-zilla” but I was feeling friendly and not monster-ish today, so I went with “Dino Bride.”  I thought I’d throw another girlish costume (bride) into the mix for my costume challenge.  Then went ahead and did what I normally do and infused a healthy dose of weird/randomness into the costume and ended up at this.  I love it.  “RAWR….i do.”

Day 23: Dino Bride

Turns out, I LOVE wedding veils.  Well, I might like ALL veils…..but this is the first one I’ve worn, so I can’t be sure.  I was fluttering around the costume studio with my veil today and I told my students “So….veils are kind of like superhero capes, but PRETTY!”

Dino Bride details: dinosaur hat, veil, lace, pearls, white satin booty-bow, wedding ring bling, bouqet.

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“31 Days…” Day 22: Mime

I am doing a “31 Days of Halloween” costume challenge, not a “31 Days of Acting” challenge.  Thank goodness for that, because I dressed like a mime today and I don’t think I mimed even ONE thing. Let’s all make sure I never tackle an acting challenge.  I’d have to title that one “31 Days of Failure.”

Day 22: Mime

While the clothing for this costume is super easy to put together, this look relies heavily on makeup to convey the idea of a mime.  Luckily, the makeup is pretty easy, aside from the symmetry.

Mime details: mime makeup, beret, red scarf, striped shirt.


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